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Creative Ways to Use Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnet

What is meant by a samarium cobalt pot magnet?

They are SmCo magnets that have been enclosed in a steel shell. SmCo is a second-generation high-energy material that is frequently utilized. It shows strong magnetic performance characteristics in energy products and coercive force due to the use of samarium and cobalt as rare earth elements. This is an innovative and very rare product, but also one of the most useful products sold in our collection.

Facts about samarium cobalt pot magnet:

 The size of it makes us think that it will give you more than enough power for your gardening or other purposes. In any case, in addition to being safe, it gives great strength and stability when placed at room temperature. But don’t let this information scare you; it’s an ideal choice as a permanent magnet for small plants and even large indoor plants. So what are you waiting for? Order in!

Manufacturing and materials:

When looking for materials with such high power levels we suggest choosing either ceramic or plastic, but we liked the unique characteristics that we found in this specific material. Samarium cobalt pot magnet was made using different types of metal alloys but had a similar structure. We tried out several pots and put them together in the same order to take a look. As per usual they were very easy to assemble as well as use, but there was something special about the watermelon-shaped sample cup that caught our attention the biggest.

Perfect example:

This particular sample cup is a perfect example that if you want a permanent plant magnet that would be the best one. The crescent shape gives it a distinct elegance. Since a lot of people prefer round-shaped objects we went ahead to design it in the shape of a triangle which looks very elegant and yet strong. We had previously mentioned it is not a big deal to insert it into any type of pot where it's placed horizontally. The first thing we noticed is how much better it feels compared to other materials like glass or ceramic. You can place it inside your soil and keep watering it to get some extra nutrients like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and so many others. Our samples came in four colors namely Blue and Yellow, Green and Purple, Red and Orange, and Light. Each color-matched exactly the way we intended it to. Then we inserted two small holes into the bottom of the bottle for filling up the air bubbles. There was no such hassle and finally, it became stable enough to be able to resist heat. After that our final test results showed that all samples were equally effective in terms of their power output and resistance to frost damage and humidity.

Samarium Cobalt Pot Magnet

We can see a slight difference in the performance of these products in comparison to other materials, although the overall consistency of the sample cup remains pretties the same as before. They will do the job perfectly well and will perform just fine over time. They would take care of everything including freezing and thawing of the container. Their durability and non-conductivity make them suitable for storing watermelon seeds as well as potted plants and other plants. If you have other options, choose among other things like eucalyptus oil, aloe vera gel, black pepper seed oil, etc, and then this might be an excellent pick for you.

These are available in multiple brands across Europe and America. Also, you would find a wide variety of designs and colors. At times they are available online too.

Features and uses of samarium cobalt pot magnet:

It belongs to a magnetic alloy family based on samarium and cobalt as major components, with the maximum magnetic density among them. It may be manufactured in wire, rod, strip, tube, flat, plate, and ring form.

The main features and uses of this pot magnet are as follows:

  • This Cobalt magnet, often known as a Pot magnet, is a ceramic magnet variant that has shown to be one of the best in terms of performance.
  • These magnets are ideal for storing his-and-hers wedding bands or keeping cans, envelopes, and other tiny things organized and off the floor.
  • They are very convenient and inventive pot magnets.
  • To suit your most demanding applications, (SmCo) pot magnets with a maximum temperature rating of +550 °F are available.
  • The most common form of the permanent magnet is a samarium cobalt pot magnet. It is a strong permanent magnet with high stability, and it is a popular product of our firm.
  • Cobalt-based magnets are more powerful and can be used in super-high-energy applications.
  • Our SmCo Magnets are reasonably priced and of the highest quality.


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