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Everything you need to know about Grate Magnetic Separator

What is a grate magnetic separator? 

The magnetic grate separator screens are ideal for eliminating ferrous contamination from dry free-flowing powders and granules. Examples of this type of ferrous contamination include rust and minute fragments of scrap metal. The installation of the unit made of stainless steel consists of nothing more than positioning the grate inside the hopper so that the ends of the magnetic tubes or tie bars are flush against the side walls. It allows for the free-flowing of the product stream, which brings the items into direct touch with the grate magnets.

Working of grate magnetic separator: 

The metal particles that are collected by the magnetic grates move to the back of the tubes, where they are safe from being washed away until the tubes are scrubbed clean. While the cleaning is being done, the magnetic cores are extracted from the tubes and placed in the upper part of the separator housing. The magnetic impurities that were collected immediately release themselves. This demonstrates that they can expand their reach, attract impurities that are only weakly magnetic or incredibly small iron, and keep them with such a high level of tenacity that wipe-off caused by product flow is virtually avoided.

Construction of grate magnetic separators: 

Magnetic Grates are made up of magnetic rods, stainless steel frames and diverters from the 300-series, and other components. The frame and the diverters are assembled into a single unit by welding or screwing them together, and then the unit is polished to a smooth finish. To accommodate a variety of situations, these magnetic grates can take on a variety of shapes, including squares, rectangles, rounds, ovals, triangles, rhombuses, and irregular polygons. In most cases, the distance in the center of the bars is 2 inches. Every frame and shell is made entirely out of stainless steel.

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Benefits of grate magnetic separators: 


Utilizing grate magnetic separators is an efficient method for removing metal pieces from powders and dry goods such as flour, starch, rice, milk powders, and sugar, among other examples.

Easy clean: 

Cleaning procedures are made much easier with the help of grate magnetic separators, which have also proven to be of immense help to operators because cleaning the grate magnet is both quick and simple.


When it comes to their capabilities, grate magnetic separators are quite diverse, and when it comes to the industries that they serve, their versatility is even greater. They find use in a variety of different fields, including those that expose workers to the danger of ferrous particle contamination.

Simple to use: 

The grate magnetic separator operates according to a simple yet highly effective operating concept. It does nothing more than gather the ferrous material and remove it from the item, so making it clean.

Simple to install: 

The magnetic grate separators have a simplistic design that makes them simple to assemble and quick to install. Installing the grate separator does not require any special training or experience on your part.


Magnetic grates are used in the separation process in every single industrial sector where a dry material is separated into small or fine fractions while maintaining good overall characteristics. They have applications in the chemical business, the food industry, the industry that produces feeding products, the industry that produces construction materials, and ceramics, the manufacturing of porcelain, and other industrial fields that treat dry, loose, or bulk materials.

The design of magnetic grate separators:

Magnetic grates have a load-bearing frame, pipe casings, and a magnetic core in their construction. A flat profile with a thickness of 40 millimeters is used to construct the load-bearing structure for the pipes. The pipe, as well as the magnetic core casings, are made of straight, seamless pipes, and they are built to a very thin thickness (about 0.6 mm), which ensures that the magnetic output losses are kept to a minimum. The diameter of the grate pipe in its normal configuration is 31.0 mm.

Cleaning a magnetic grating will always need manual labor. To avoid the phenomenon of self-magnetization, the grate frame and the core case formed of pipes are both fabricated out of stainless steel throughout the manufacturing process. On one side, the pipes have been left free to provide room for the potential of the entire magnetic core being pulled out. A safety clip is attached to the frame profile on the part of the frame where the cores are positioned. This clip prevents the cores from releasing themselves spontaneously from the grate. After the clip has been released, the cores can be extracted completely.

The fact that the core can be pulled out of the cases leads to the presumption that the grate will demagnetize, which a condition for a grate is cleaning that is free of magnetic impurities that have been separated.

Grate magnetic separators from Mag Spring: 

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The grate magnetic separators are extremely powerful and can be used for a broad range of different tasks. The Mag Spring has a design that is both highly effective and easy to operate. Get in touch with us so that we can send you your grating magnetic separators.

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