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MAG SPRING - The Professional Magnetic Tube Supplier China

Magnetic tube (aka magnetic bar) is several pieces of neodymium magnets assembled into steel bar, the standard diameters are D18, D20, D25, D32, D35, D40mm, the frame and tube material is 304 or 316L stainless steel, it is good corrosion resistance and no pollution, the surface can be fine polished and full welded to meet food grade or pharmacy application. It's named just because they are made from the strong NdFeB or SmCo,Ferrite Magnets are in stainless steel tubes by fully or non-fully welding .


The strong magnetic tube is used for removing ferrous objects, like chips, nuts, screw, nail, and other ferrous scraps from the production flow or daily use. It can be installed at a certain point in the production flows to catch and separate the ferrous particles. It has been widely used in the chemical industry, medicines, sanitation, plastics, textile, smelting, machinery and food stuffs, etc. to ensure the quality of the products and the longevity of the equipment and facilities.



We (MAG SPRING) are very experienced in producing the magnetic tube and ready to supply a most suitable one for your application. We are one branch of SOUWEST MAGNETECH (Stock No. 836961) that focuses on magnetic tube in China since 1999.Now we become the leading supplier and factory of magnetic tube, magnetic filter, pot magnet in China.


We had developed series of magnets and magnetic systems, such as magnetic filter tube with 13000Gs(14500Gs if tested by Bell Tesla Meter),multi pole ferrite ring magnet with 1900Gs, multi pole neodymium ring magnet with 6000Gs,etc and also supply high quality metal detectors,check-weighter and X-ray Inspection System based on a good support from qualified factories. Our New factory is under construction, whose area is 21300 square meters ,aim to become the biggest production base of magnetic tube, pot magnets , magnetic filter in the world.


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