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About MAG SPRING About Permanent Magnets Suppliers | MAG SPRING®   MAG SPRING® is a subsidiary of SOUWEST MAGNETECH® (Stock No. 836961) that focuses on permanent magnets and magnetic systems in Ningbo, China since 2003. We are an environmental-friendly designer, manufacturer of various industrial magnets& magnetic products and provide global customers with pioneering magnetic solutions. Now we are the lead supplier and factory of magnetic tube, magnetic filters, pot magnets in China.   MAG SPRING® has complete permanent magnet products and magnetic solutions for its customer and keeps long-term business relationships with many high-...

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PrNd Price 2022
Recently Raw Material Situation of Rare Earth Magnets 2022-05-19 Interesting change happened in the price for raw material of Rare Earth Magnet-NdFeB(Neodymium Iron Boron) magnet and SmCo(Samarium Cobalt) magnet.
Which Is The Best Procedure To Make A Permanent Magnet?
Things to Know about Permanent Magnets Material 2022-05-10 The Permanent Magnets Material is made from such objects, which are magnetized b…

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