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What is pot magnet?

What is pot magnet?
The pot magnet is one kind magnetic assembly that consist of a metal "pot" and a permanent magnets.  There is maybe a hole, thread or removable hook in center of this magnet assembly.
the metal pot  is important part of the magnetic circuit.  the magnetic force of Science designed pot magnets is much stronger than alone magnet.it is the most efficient design to provide an easy, non-destructive way to suspend objects or attach them to metal. Some customer also call it magnetic holders, cup magnets,magnetic hook,hook magnet or magnetic pot. They are widely used for  fixing,holding,mounting, lifting and transferring objects useful in the field of construction, engineering, automotive, etc or in the place of office,family,warehouse etc.
Base on different permanent magnets , there are Neodymium Pot Magnets,Ferrite Pot Magnets,SmCo Pot Magnets.

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