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   Happy Reviews for Great Magnet in November 2018



MAG SPRING is one branch of SOUWEST MAGNETECH that focuses on magnetic systems in China since 1999. We are an environmental-friendly designer, manufacturer for various industrial magnets & magnetic products and provide global customers with pioneering magnetic solutions. Now we are the biggest and the most professional factory of magnetic tube, magnetic filter, pot magnet in China. Grate Magnet that we produced is a specially made product used in the removal process of small-sized to medium ferrous tramp metal impurities from those dry and free-flowing products presented in vertical chutes, housings, and catch bins. Grate magnets are also known as magnetic grate separators. It is used in the ferrous separation in bins, hoppers and those circular enclosures. It comes in two variants like ceramic as well as rare earth grate magnets.


As Grate Magnet products are widely used in our daily life, and MAG SPRING is a famous and high-quality manufacturer, we got a lot of encouraging reviews from our customers. Today we will share some with you.



Name: Richard A****

Date: 2018-11-12

Reviews: Durable and safe: when dropped on a concrete floor, they do NOT break--no sharp edges to draw blood. Strong: incredible magnetic force. Challenging: if, like me, you make the mistake of removing the white plastic spacers separating the magnets, then you may need the following tools to get the magnets apart: wide-jaw pliers, steel bench vise, hammer, and cold chisel. Lesson: leave the spacers in place until you a ready to mount a magnet. Anyway, it is a wise choice.




Name: Leonard G****

Date: 2018-11-11

Reviews: The strength of the front of the magnet is great. I'm using two to hold a panel hiding storage under my back deck and had to leave a bit of air gap between them and the metal bracket on the panel so the hold wasn't too strong! Looks pretty well sealed, so should handle the weather, will update if they don't. It is delightfully strong and well protected.




Name: Alice J****

Date: 2018-11-10

Reviews: I didn't want drill into my trunk to attach an amplifier. I just used the correct size screw, washers and nut to attach one of these to each corner of the amp. I poked a small hole in carpet so the magnets would have direct contact to the trunk metal and the screws popped through the carpet. Works great and no matter how hard I whip the little Miata in a turn the amp basically is glued in place. I did try to order rubber coated models but had 3 failed orders so I gave up and saved some money and bought these. Hope they don't scratch the paint in the long term.




Name: Peter B****

Date: 2018-11-9

Reviews: These magnets are so powerful, taking them out of the box was a comedy of errors. If anything metal is near by, they will snatch it up. First they stuck to my belt buckle and I could hardly remove them. When I did they flung across kitchen and stuck to pots and pans. After one landed in a box of paper clips it took about 5 minutes to undue that mess. But once I finally got them away from random metal objects and installed in their intended location they were great! Work perfect to hold up a 30 lb. moving backrest on my boat.




Name: Kimmi W****

Date: 2018-11-8

Reviews: Killer magnets. These guys are just what I wanted to hang a lamp and make it modular in our camper. Three of these hold up a fairly heavy light very solidly. Just be careful not to get them stuck together without the foam in between, it's not easy to get them apart.




Name: Shelly K****

Date: 2018-11-7

Reviews: Super strong. Do the job. I use them to keep my ac/heat vent filters and covers on against the strength of the air. Perfect.




Name: Douglas S****

Date: 2018-11-6

Reviews: On time and as described they are really strong! Looks nice and works well on refrigerator door holding up notes, pictures, etc. Great product!


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