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Neodymium Channel Magnet for Mounting

Product Introduction
6 standard neodymium channel magnet?items with with two countersunks and magnetic force from 17kg to 40Kg. Good for holding door latches, tools.
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Rectangular Neodymium Channel Magnet? is made from ?A Super Strong Neodymium bar Magnet Embedded in a U shape Steel channel. The steel channel not only increased magnetic strength, concentrating Magnetic force onto one larger surface, but also protects the Neodymium magnet from potential damage, increasing its using life.


Features of this Channel Magnet:

1. Simple structure properly designed with maximized magnetic force,
saving cost.
2. Magnets can be NdFeB magents. If needed,? SmCo, ALNICO, Ferrite available.
3. Ni Coating . Other Coating option:Zn, Ni, Cr, Painting, Rubber cover, etc.
4. Holding force is from? 17kg -40Kg?
5.Production time:3-30 Days(According to Quantity)
6.MOQ: 10pc
7.Packing: Standard packing for air or sea shipment according to requirement.
8.Process: Half finished block of Sintered Neodymiun magnets > > Grinding > Cutting >latching >Coating > Checking > assemblying >Packing

Application of Channel Magnets : ?holding and fixing applications such as door latches, tools, knife...?


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