Pharmaceutical Industry

As a leading magnetic separator manufacturer, our products are also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and are used for magnetic foreign matter screening in the pharmaceutical preparation process.
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Applications in the Pharmaceutical Industry

China's pharmaceutical industry, a vital part of the national economy, has seen robust growth, with the market expanding from 13,294 billion yuan in 2016 to 17,292 billion yuan in 2021. Anticipated to reach 29,911 billion yuan by 2030, the sector demonstrates a compound annual growth rate of 6.28% from 2021 to 2030. As quality standards rise and pharmaceutical manufacturing advances, there's growing demand for equipment, particularly magnetic filtration tools crucial for removing impurities during drug preparation.

Given the direct impact of pharmaceuticals on human health, the presence of trace magnetic impurities can adversely affect drug performance. Controlling metal impurities in drugs is a significant challenge as detection methods advance. These impurities originate from raw materials, machine wear, maintenance debris, and broken metal wires. Integrating magnetic filtration equipment into processes is necessary to ensure drug quality.

The issuer has developed pharmaceutical-specific iron removal equipment, like rotary devices, designed to efficiently eliminate ferrous magnetic impurities from materials prone to clumping. With improving safety standards, regulatory systems, and the expanding market size of pharmaceutical equipment in China, magnetic filtration tools are poised to proliferate, indicating significant market potential.

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