Chemical Industry

As a leading manufacturer of industrial magnets, our products are widely used in the chemical industry. Magnetic filtration equipment is widely used in inorganic chemical materials such as carbon black, ceramics, and polymer chemical materials such as plastics and rubber.
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Applications in the Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is a pivotal source of energy and raw materials, serving as a foundational element in economic value chains, national defense, and public health. Over decades, China has forged a competitive modern industrial system with advanced technology. Magnetic filtration equipment finds extensive use in the production of both inorganic (e.g., carbon black, ceramics, glass) and high-molecular-weight polymer chemical materials (e.g., plastics, rubber).

In the carbon black industry, magnetic filtration is indispensable due to the gradual increase in ferromagnetic substances in newly established production lines. Sources include impurities in input media, corrosion in process equipment, and wear in pipelines. Carbon black, essential in tire manufacturing, plastics, coatings, and rubber products, confronts challenges of corrosion and impurities. Magnetic filtration equipment is a common solution to remove iron impurities, ensuring product quality.China's carbon black industry has experienced rapid growth, reaching a production capacity of 9.25 million tons/year in 2022, reflecting a 12.80% YoY increase. Positive developments in rubber and automobile industries contribute significantly to this growth.With escalating demand for high-quality carbon black across various industries, the utilization of magnetic filtration equipment in the production process is anticipated to persistently rise.

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