Food Industry

As a leading Industrial magnet manufacturer, our magnetic filtration equipment has become an essential magnetic impurity treatment equipment in food processing production processes.
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Food Industry Applications

Food, essential for human survival, undergoes heightened scrutiny due to scientific progress regarding trace elements' impact on health. Ferrous impurities in food processing, like iron fragments, differ from organic iron and pose health risks when ingested. National standards limit magnetic metal substances in grain products, mandating magnetic separation before packaging.

Most food production line equipment is metallic, and cost constraints limit stainless steel usage, impacting food quality and brand reputation. Processes introduce metal impurities, requiring iron removal in grains, sugar, and salt processing for machinery protection and product quality.

The issuer developed magnetic filtration equipment, including insulated pipeline fluid iron removal and pipeline powder iron removal, meeting diverse food industry needs.With economic progress and increased health awareness, China's food safety standards improve, and the growing food industry offers significant market potential for magnetic equipment.

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