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How magnetic assembly helps in magnets?

What is a magnetic assembly?

The magnetic assembly is comprised of simple magnetic systems that are manufactured using a specialized process using magnet systems together with any steel part or plastic part. Magnetic assemblies can be components, devices, or entire systems, and they mix magnetic and non-magnetic elements with the goal of achieving while also reducing costs. They have an extremely wide range of applications, some of which include being utilized as latches, signs, displays, tools, and fixings.

The design of Magnet Assembly:

Permanent magnets come in a wide variety of sorts, each of which is constructed from a different kind of material and possesses its own unique set of qualities. Materials such as sintered ceramic powder composite, alnico alloys, and rare earth elements such as neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) and samarium cobalt are frequently utilized throughout the manufacturing process of magnets (SmCo).

To produce magnet assemblies, the raw materials could be subjected to several distinct processes at the manufacturing facility. Ceramic magnets, for instance, can be formed into any desired shape by extruding, compressing, or sintering the material. When making magnets, producers take into account a variety of features, each of which contributes to the magnet's unique characteristics. Porosity, ease of manufacture, magnetic retention even when subjected to heat and corrosion, magnetic strength, and cost are some of the features that are included here. Magnet assemblies can be made specifically to your specifications by the manufacturer, for your convenience. 

What are the applications of magnetic assemblies?

  1. Robotics and automation
  2. Defense
  3. Gadgets and machines
  4. Methods of Transportation 5. Electric Hand Tools
  5. Motors & Braking Systems
  6. Security and Theft-Prevention Equipment
  7. Medical Devices
  8. Voice Coil Motor
  9. Halbach Arrays
  10. Agricultural Equipment
  11. Navigational Equipment

Care of magnetic assembly:

You will need to perform a few maintenance procedures to keep your magnets in good working order and ensure that they will last for a very long time. To begin, if your magnets are designed to support loads, we strongly suggest doing frequent tests on them to see whether or not they are still able to do so. Second, you need to make sure that they are cleaned and decontaminated consistently. Because each magnet is unique, it is in your best interest to consult with the company that provided you with the assembly regarding the type of cleaning and the cleaning materials that should be used with that particular magnet.

magnetic assembly


  1. Stronger magnetic field:

When compared to magnets, the magnetic force exerted by a magnet assembly is significantly stronger. This is because the magnetic circuit includes not only the magnet but also the conducting elements as well. When the magnet assembly is in direct contact with the workpiece, this magnetic force exerts the greater amount of pressure. The magnetic field will be considerably altered even by the tinier of openings, such as air gaps, coatings, or dirt.

Mechanically stronger:

Magnets that are subjected to repeated mechanical loads are vulnerable to volume loss. If a piece of the magnet breaks away from the rest of the body of the magnet, this can result in a loss of volume, which in turn can cause the magnetic field to weaken. To combat this state, we can create a protective barrier or housing that prevents volume loss by combining or integrating magnets with non-magnetic components (such as ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and plastics, for example). This can be done by combining or integrating magnets with non-magnetic components. Because of this, the magnetic assembly has a high level of mechanical strength. Some frequent examples of magnetic assemblies include rail magnets, channel magnets, and pot magnets.

Protect against damage:

The magnetic assembly may serve to shield objects from harm thanks to the rubber coating it has. A magnet that is covered in rubber protects the surface it is attached to from scratch. As a result of this type of magnet's increased shear force, it is particularly well-suited for vertical applications, such as the attachment of whiteboards to steel walls. Additionally, the cover shields the magnet system from dust and moisture to ensure its continued functionality. A rubberized magnet assembly is suitable for use in moist environments as well as outside. Our entire selection of rubberized wall magnets may be found in this section.

Magnetic fastening of objects:

Magnet assemblies with a threaded hole or threaded stud that are appropriate for mounting using press fittings and screws. This enables you to attach things to other things using a magnetic force. You will save both time and money by using these magnetic components, which are simple to put to use. The days of gluing, screwing, and drilling holes in places where they aren't necessary are over. We deliver magnets that are built to order in addition to our usual variety of magnets.

Why Mag spring? 

If you are looking for a magnetic assembly, you should work with a custom magnet manufacturer who has a solid reputation and who is capable of meeting all of your requirements. Mag Spring is positioned to be of service to you in this regard. We are a supplier of magnetic assemblies that have high power and lost cost. In addition to a vast selection of models for more typical magnetic assemblies, we also offer assemblies for specialized magnetic device types. These assemblies are custom-made for each customer according to the design that the customer has provided for the assembly. We will be able to guide you in selecting the design that is most appropriate for the applications you plan to use.


Magnets can have their magnetic strengths increased with the use of magnetic assembly. The engineering experts at Mag Spring have worked on problems similar to these for many years and can produce assemblies that contain magnets that have had their magnetic properties reversed. Get in touch with us so we can customize products to your specific needs.

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