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MAG SPRING® has over 20 years of expertise in manufacturing industrial magnets as a leading drawer magnet manufacturer. We are steadfast in our commitment to provide magnetic separators that excel in terms of competitive pricing and unwavering quality consistency. These magnetic separators play a vital role in many aspects of daily life. Magnetic separators have indispensable utility in industrial settings, efficiently completing complex tasks such as separating materials in scrapyards or managing industrial processes. Wait for the task. Whether guiding materials through precise separation or increasing the efficiency of various processes, our magnetic separators are engineered to provide substantial assistance in a variety of applications.
Huge selection of different kinds of permanent magnets supply
Huge selection of different kinds of permanent magnets supply. According to different magnetic materials or different application, permanent magnets include the following items: Ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets, rubber magnets, motor magnets etc.
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Quality You Can Trust With Inspection & Material Verification
Magnets need to meet many different inteational standards of compliance for materials. 
This is meant to protect the health and safety of both the end user and the environment. We take compliance very seriously 
for all of our customers, which is why we’ve invested in advanced scientific testing and verification equipment to qualify 
all incoming raw materials.
For your peace of mind, our facility is fully certified to ISO 9001, 14001 , CE certification and ROHS certification

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can you customize magnetic separators according to specific requirements?
Yes, we offer customization services for magnetic separators. We understand that different industries and applications may have specific requirements for magnetic separation. Our team of experts can work closely with you to understand your specific needs and provide a customized solution that meets your requirements. Whether it's adjusting the size, shape, magnetic strength, or designing a completely new separator, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver tailor-made solutions. Please provide us with more details about your specific requirements, and we will be happy to discuss the customization options with you.
2.What are the temperature and corrosion resistance properties of your magnetic separators?
Our magnetic separators are designed to have excellent temperature and corrosion resistance properties. The specific temperature range and corrosion resistance may vary depending on the type of magnetic separator and the materials used in its construction.
For standard magnetic separators, such as those made from stainless steel and rare-earth magnets, they typically have a high temperature resistance, ranging from -40°C to 300°C (-40°F to 572°F). This makes them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.
In terms of corrosion resistance, our magnetic separators are designed to withstand harsh environments and resist corrosion. Stainless steel is commonly used in the construction of our separators, as it provides excellent resistance to corrosion from moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive substances.
However, it's important to note that the temperature and corrosion resistance properties may vary depending on the specific model and customization options. If you have specific temperature or corrosion resistance requirements, please let us know, and we will provide you with the most suitable options for your application.
3.How do you ensure the quality of your magnetic separators?
Ensuring the quality of our magnetic separators is of utmost importance to us. We have implemented a comprehensive quality control process to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. Here are a few key aspects of our quality control measures:
  1. Raw Material Selection: We carefully select high-quality materials for the construction of our magnetic separators. This includes choosing the right grades of stainless steel, magnets, and other components to ensure durability and performance.
  2. 2. Manufacturing Process: Our manufacturing process follows strict quality control guidelines. We have a team of skilled technicians and engineers who oversee the production process to ensure that every step is carried out accurately and efficiently.
  3. 3. Testing and Inspection: We conduct rigorous testing and inspection procedures to verify the performance and quality of our magnetic separators. This includes various tests such as magnetic strength testing, temperature resistance testing, corrosion resistance testing, and overall functionality testing.
  4. 4. Certifications and Standards: Our magnetic separators are designed and manufactured in compliance with international standards and regulations. We hold certifications such as ISO 9001, which further validate the quality and reliability of our products.
  5. 5. Customer Feedback: We value customer feedback and continuously strive to improve our products based on customer needs and suggestions. We actively listen to our customers and take their feedback into consideration to enhance the quality and performance of our magnetic separators.
By implementing these measures, we ensure that our magnetic separators consistently meet or exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, durability, and performance.
4.What is the typical lead time for ordering magnetic separators?
  • Simple magnetic filter bar, grate magnets are about 7-15days
  • Drawer magnets and magnetic trap are about 21days-30days.
  • Custom made and auto cleaning magnetic separator are about 35-60days.
5.Do you provide technical support for integrating magnetic separators into our systems?
Yes, we provide technical support to assist you in integrating magnetic separators into your systems. Our team of experienced engineers and technical experts are available to guide you through the process and address any concerns or challenges you may encounter.
Here is an overview of the technical support we offer:
  1. Consultation: We offer consultation services to understand your specific requirements and provide recommendations on the most suitable magnetic separator for your application. Our experts can help you determine the appropriate size, configuration, and features based on your needs.
  2. Customization: If needed, we can customize our magnetic separators to fit seamlessly into your existing systems. Our technical team will work closely with you to understand your system's specifications and design a solution that optimally integrates with your setup.
  3. Installation Assistance: We can provide guidance and support during the installation process. Our technical experts can offer recommendations on the ideal placement and setup of the magnetic separators within your system, ensuring optimal performance.
  4. Training: We offer training sessions to familiarize your team with the operation and maintenance of the magnetic separators. This includes providing instructions on proper usage, cleaning, and troubleshooting techniques to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of the equipment.
  5. Ongoing Support: Our technical support does not end with installation. We are committed to providing ongoing assistance and support throughout the lifespan of our magnetic separators. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, our team is here to help you troubleshoot and find solutions.
Our aim is to ensure a smooth integration of our magnetic separators into your systems, enabling you to achieve the desired results efficiently and effectively.
6.Can you supply magnetic separators in large quantities for bulk orders?
Yes, we can supply magnetic separators in large quantities for bulk orders. As a supplier, we have the capability to fulfill orders of various sizes, ranging from small quantities to large-scale bulk orders. Our production capacity and inventory management systems are designed to accommodate high-volume demands.
When placing a bulk order for magnetic separators, we can work with you to determine the specific quantity you require, as well as any customization or special requirements you may have. Our team will ensure efficient production planning and timely delivery to meet your needs.
To proceed with a bulk order, please provide us with the following details:
  1. Quantity: The total quantity of magnetic separators you require for your order.
  2. Specifications: Any specific specifications or customization requirements, such as size, configuration, magnetic strength, or special features.
  3. Delivery Timeline: The desired delivery timeline or any specific deadlines you need the magnetic separators to be delivered by.
Once we have these details, we can provide you with a comprehensive quotation, including pricing, lead time, and any other relevant information. Our sales team will be available to assist you throughout the ordering process and address any questions or concerns you may have.
Please feel free to reach out to us with your bulk order requirements, and we will ensure a prompt and professional response.
7.What certifications do your magnetic separators comply with?
Our magnetic separators comply with various certifications and standards to ensure their quality, performance, and safety. Here are some common certifications that our magnetic separators may comply with:
  1. ISO 9001: This certification ensures that our manufacturing processes meet international standards for quality management systems.
  2. CE (Conformité Européene): This certification indicates that our magnetic separators comply with European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.
  3. RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances): Our magnetic separators may also comply with the RoHS directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.
Please note that the specific certifications our magnetic separators comply with may vary depending on the product type, application, and target market. We strive to meet all relevant industry standards and requirements to provide you with reliable and compliant magnetic separators.
If you have any specific certification or standard in mind, please let us know, and we will provide you with more detailed information regarding our compliance.
8.What is your minimum order quantity for magnetic separators?
Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) for magnetic separators may vary depending on the specific product model and specifications. As a general guideline, our MOQ typically ranges from 1 to 10 units for standard magnetic separators.
Magnetic Separator: Working Principle and How to Use It?
Magnetic separators, a cornerstone in various industrial processes, are instrumental in efficiently separating magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones. Understanding the working principle of these devices is crucial for harnessing their potential across diverse applications. This guide delves into the intricacies of magnetic separators, exploring their fundamental principles and providing practical insights on how to effectively utilize them in different settings. Whether you're new to the concept or seeking to enhance your understanding, join us on a journey through the workings of magnetic separators and learn how to leverage their capabilities for optimal results.

1. What Is a Magnetic Separator?

A magnetic separator is a specialized piece of equipment designed to separate magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones in various applications. Its fundamental purpose is to leverage the magnetic properties of certain materials, allowing for efficient separation based on magnetism.


2. Importance of Magnetic Separators

Magnetic separators play a pivotal role across various industries due to their ability to efficiently and selectively separate magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones. The importance of magnetic separators lies in their diverse applications and the advantages theyMagnetic Separator: Working Principle and How to Use It bring to specific industries.

Mineral Processing:

Enhanced Ore Quality: In mining and mineral processing, magnetic separators are essential for separating valuable minerals from non-magnetic gangue. This process enhances ore quality, leading to increased economic retus.

Recycling Industry:

Material Purity: Magnetic separators are crucial in the recycling industry for extracting and recovering ferrous materials from waste streams. This not only promotes resource reuse but also ensures the purity of recycled materials.

Food Processing:

Contaminant Removal: In the food industry, maintaining product purity is paramount. Magnetic separators effectively remove ferrous contaminants, such as metal fragments, ensuring the safety and quality of the final food products.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries:

Product Integrity: Magnetic separators contribute to product integrity in chemical and pharmaceutical processes. By removing magnetic impurities, they prevent contamination and ensure the quality of sensitive chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Protecting Equipment:

Equipment Longevity: Magnetic separators safeguard downstream equipment by preventing the entry of damaging ferrous particles. This protection extends the lifespan and efficiency of crushers, grinders, and other processing machinery.

Ceramics and Glass Industries:

Quality Assurance: Magnetic separators are utilized in ceramics and glass industries to eliminate magnetic impurities that could otherwise compromise the quality of the final products.

Plastics Industry:

Material Purity: Magnetic separators aid in the production of high-quality plastic materials by removing ferrous contaminants during processing, contributing to the overall purity and performance of plastic products.

Water Treatment:

Purification: Magnetic separators assist in water treatment processes by removing magnetic impurities, contributing to the purification of water for industrial and domestic use.

Power Generation:

Protecting Equipment: In power plants, magnetic separators are employed to protect turbines and other equipment by removing ferrous particles from fuel, safeguarding against damage and ensuring reliable power generation.


3. How Is a Magnetic Separator Used?

A magnetic separator comprises a potent magnet strategically positioned or suspended, either from a ceiling or a device. There are various configurations, such as table-top magnetic separators where materials can be passed over, or suspended magnetic separators that hang over materials to eliminate impurities. Additionally, cylindrical magnetic separators allow objects to pass through them. The material undergoing purification in a magnetic separator can take various forms, including parts, finished products, or even liquid metal. The characteristics of a magnetic separator encompass:

Efficient Separation of Magnetic Materials:

Recognized for its exceptional ability to separate magnetic materials from concentrates effectively.

Removal of Natural Magnetic Minerals and Steel Filings:

Capable of eliminating natural magnetic minerals like magnetite and steel filings from materials processed in metal industries.

Effective Removal of Gold Concentrates:

Particularly valuable for removing magnetic particles from gold concentrates, facilitating easier gold recovery.

Versatility in Material Forms:

Adaptable to various material forms, including parts, finished products, and liquid metals, making it versatile across different industries.

Enhanced Recovery of Valuable Metals:

Enables the recovery of valuable metals, such as gold, by efficiently separating them from other materials.

Flexible Configurations:

Available in different configurations, including table-top, suspended, and cylindrical variants, offering flexibility for diverse industrial applications.

Application in Metal Processing:

Widely employed in metal processing industries to remove iron particles and enhance the purity of the processed materials.

Ceiling or Device Suspension:

Can be suspended from ceilings or devices, allowing for strategic placement in processing lines or areas where magnetic separation is required.

Critical in Material Purity:

Plays a critical role in maintaining the purity of materials by removing unwanted magnetic impurities.


4. Where Can Magnetic Separators Be Used?

Magnetic separators are versatile tools used for separating magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones. They find application in various industries due to their ability to efficiently remove unwanted magnetic substances. Here are some common areas where magnetic separators are used:

Mining and Mineral Processing: Magnetic separators are utilized to extract and separate magnetic minerals from ore streams in mining operations. This helps in the purification of valuable minerals.

Recycling Industries: Magnetic separators play a crucial role in recycling facilities by removing ferrous materials from waste streams. This improves the quality of recycled materials.

Food Processing: In the food industry, magnetic separators are employed to remove magnetic contaminants such as metal particles from food products, ensuring consumer safety and compliance with quality standards.

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries: Magnetic separation is applied in these industries to purify and separate magnetic materials from various chemical and pharmaceutical products.

Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing: Magnetic separators help in the removal of ferrous contaminants from raw materials in the production of plastic and rubber products, preventing damage to processing equipment.

Ceramics and Glass Industries: Magnetic separation is used in the ceramics and glass manufacturing processes to eliminate magnetic impurities from raw materials, ensuring the quality of the final products.

Water Treatment: Magnetic separators are employed in water treatment plants to remove magnetic impurities from water, enhancing the efficiency of water purification processes.

Textile Industry: Magnetic separators are utilized in the textile industry to remove ferrous contaminants from raw materials and prevent damage to machinery in subsequent processing stages.

Wood Processing: In the wood industry, magnetic separators are used to extract and separate metal contaminants from wood chips and other materials, preventing damage to processing equipment.

Power Plants: Magnetic separators help in the purification of coal and other fuels by removing magnetic impurities, contributing to the efficient and reliable operation of power plants.


5. Different Types of Magnetic Separators

  • Overband Magnetic Separator:

Application: Used for the continuous removal of ferrous contamination in materials like coal, glass, and waste recycling.

Working Principle: Placed above the conveyor belt to attract and lift ferrous metals out of the material flow.

  • Magnetic Drum Separator:

Application: Widely used in the processing of bulk materials, such as minerals and recycling.

Working Principle: Material is fed onto the drum and is subjected to a rotating magnetic field, causing ferrous materials to be attracted and separated.

  • Magnetic Pulley Separator:

Application: Installed as a head pulley in conveyor systems to remove ferrous contaminants.

Working Principle: Material is conveyed over a magnetic pulley, and the ferrous particles are attracted and held to the belt until they reach the underside of the pulley, where they are released.

  • Magnetic Grate Separator:

Application: Used in industries like food processing and plastics to remove small ferrous particles from free-flowing materials.

Working Principle: Material passes through a grid of magnetic tubes or bars, and ferrous particles are attracted to the magnets and held in place.

  • Magnetic Plate Separator:

Application: Installed above conveyor belts or chutes to remove ferrous contaminants from bulk solids.

Working Principle: Material flows over the magnetic plate, and ferrous particles are attracted to the magnetic surface, separating them from the bulk material.

  • Suspension Magnet:

Application: Commonly used in situations where space is limited, such as over conveyors.

Working Principle: Electromagnetic design that suspends above the conveyor, creating a magnetic field to attract and remove ferrous contaminants.

  • Magnetic Liquid Traps:

Application: Used in industries such as food processing and pharmaceuticals to remove ferrous particles from liquid products.

Working Principle: Liquid passes through a magnetic field, and ferrous particles are attracted and captured, preventing contamination.

  • Eddy Current Separator:

Application: Designed to separate non-ferrous metals (e.g., aluminum, copper) from non-metallic materials in recycling operations.

Working Principle: Utilizes a rapidly changing magnetic field to induce currents in non-ferrous metals, creating a repelling force that separates them from the material flow.


6. Best Magnetic Separator Manufacturer-MAG SPRING®

Magnetic separators play a pivotal role in various industries, seamlessly incorporating magnetic technology into everyday processes. This comprehensive guide serves as a dependable resource, offering valuable insights into the diverse realm of magnetic separators. Whether you are a curious enthusiast or an industry professional, this intricate jouey unveils the magnetic innovations that drive efficiency and progress. Explore the magnetic tapestry shaping the present and holding promise for the future.

For top-tier magnetic separator solutions to optimize your machinery, consider contacting MAG SPRING®—a reputable company committed to delivering dependable and high-performance magnetic separation solutions.

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