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How are magnetic liquid traps used?

What are magnetic liquid traps?

A device known as a magnetic liquid trap is one that uses the usage of a magnetic field to remove ferrous impurities from the flow of a liquid. When it comes to collecting metal waste and pollutants from your production process, magnetic traps are an efficient and effective solution that can also be used for either wet or dry processes. Additionally, they can be used for either one of these types of operations. They maintain the excellent quality of the product by removing any impurities that could be potentially damaging to products.  magnetic liquid trap.

These separators are ideal for use in the process of cleaning liquids and should not be missed. They are also ideal for channels where large metal items can be removed first, before reaching equipment that is essential to the process. In addition to removing undesirable metals from materials, magnetic traps also protect machinery from damage that would otherwise be caused by the impact of heavy metal objects.

How does a work? 

The parts of the device are as follows: a housing, a magnet assembly, and a filter that is permeable to liquid. In most cases, the magnet assembly will consist of either a permanent magnet or an electromagnet. It comes with a container that is constructed of stainless steel type 304, and inside of that container are magnetic bars that are loaded with potent rare earth, neodymium, iron, and boron magnets. Ferrous liquids are drawn to the magnetic field and become trapped on the magnet's surface as a result. MLTs are frequently utilized in oil- and water-based fluids to remove tramp iron, which, if left unchecked, can cause damage to the processing equipment as well as product contamination. These traps, which make use of powerful magnets, are able to successfully extract even the smallest bits of iron, steel, or other metals from your liquids, so ensuring that they are clean and safe to consume.

Uses of magnetic liquid trap:

The use of magnetic liquid traps in a number of different applications, including the separation of cells, the purification of proteins, and the purification of tiny molecules. Because of this, it is suitable for use in liquid cooling systems across the board in the industrial business, including but not limited to machine engineering, ceramics, and porcelain, among other possible applications. In addition, magnetic liquid traps find use in a wide range of industries, such as those dealing with the processing of food and beverages, medicines, chemicals, and the treatment of water.

Benefits of magnetic filtration and liquid traps:


  • Good Flow:

The majority of magnetic traps, in contrast to traditional filters, show little to no increase in flow restriction when the trap fills up with particles. Magnetic filters, which include traps and rods, continue to remove particles and allow oil flow even when traditional filters become clogged with particles.

  • Reliability:

As a result of the electromagnets that are utilized in the actuation process of servo valves and solenoid valves, these valves are adversely affected by particles that are magnetic in nature. Magnetic filters' capacity to remove these particles consistently and effectively can significantly contribute to an increase in the valves' overall reliability.

  • Oil Not Required:

Oil splashes, baths, flingers, slingers, and paddles are some of the common ways that machines get lubricated. Without the need for a pump or the availability of oil flow. There is no need for oil to be flowing through the pipes and lines when using magnetic liquid traps and rods. They merely need the oil to be stirred and moved around in the sump, reservoir, or oil pan where it is stored. These particles migrate to a loading surface of the magnetic separator as a result of the movement that causes them to do so.

  • Efficient: 

In order to avoid potential problems with maintenance and product contamination, magnetic liquid traps are utilized to remove tramp iron in an efficient manner. Users will be able to make use of this magnetic separator's benefits in the overwhelming majority of circumstances without suffering any appreciable drop in pressure or reduction in flow rates as a direct result of using the device.

big magnetic trap

big magnetic trap

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When working with a significant quantity of liquids, magnetic traps are an absolutely necessary tool. For the purpose of removing ferrous impurities from liquids, many different types of businesses use magnetic liquid traps. They are frequently applied in the first stage of the treatment process, coming before other types of filtration or separation systems. If you are looking for filtration of the higher possible quality, you should get in contact with Mag Spring because they are one of the reputable manufacturers of magnetic liquid traps in the industry.

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