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Available Types of Grate Magnet at MAG SPRING



Grate Magnet, also known as magnet grate separators which is a specially made product that is used in the removal process of small-sized to medium ferrous tramp metal impurities from those dry and free-flowing products presented in vertical chutes, housings, and catch bins.


Grate Magnets comes in two variants like ceramic as well as rare earth grate magnets. These are made with one-inch diameter magnetic tubes and fixed in two-inch of centers in a frame for better built. The length and width of these grates can be fabricated to any dimensions as per requirement. Square and round grate magnets with standard size are available for different applications.


MAG SPRING is the most professional designer and manufacturer of Grate Magnet which has the biggest factory of magnetic tube, magnetic filter, pot magnet in China. If you want to know the range of Grate Magnet, there are mainly four kinds of Grate Magnet for our customers to choose from.


  1. Easy Cleaning Grate Magnet

Easy cleaning magnetic grate provides a quick and easy way to do the cleaning. Fine ferrous contaminations can be wiped from stainless steel sleeve after inside magnets are pull out. it is ideal  to be used in production line that is in high content of irom tramps.



  1. Hopper Magnet

Hopper magnets are made from stainless steel and permanent magnets which is an ideal magnetic system to attract ferrometal from materials in hopper. They are mainly to be used in Plastic Industrial to protecting the machine by removing the metals from the materials.





  1. Grid Magnet

Grate magnet is made from stainless steel and rare earth magnets which is an ideal magnetic system to remove ferrous contaminations from materials.





4. Grate Magnet With Baffles

Grate magnet with baffles is developed to install in hoppers for the extraction of ferrous metals from materials being processed. Baffles can direct material flow accross the strong magnetic field to improve efficiently.



The grate magnets are quite easy to install and clean. It is the best and economical medium for the magnetic protection of equipment like extruding, milling and mixing. It enhances the purity of the product as well. If you want to know information about Grate Magnet, you can visit www.mag-spring.com

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