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N52 Neodymium Magnets

Product Introduction
MAG SPRING is Specialist of neodymium N52 & strongest grade magnets with different dimension and shapes.
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N52 neodymium magnet

Strong N52 Magnets or N52 neodymium magnets is the strongest magnets that can be made and sold with stable properties in bulk quantities

Typical Magnetic Properties of Grade N52 Magnet :

Br>=1.42T, bHc>=836kA/m, Hcj>=876kA/m, (BH)max>390kJ/m3.

The following is the Demag curve in different temperature for the strongest magnets -Grade N52 Magnets :

N52 Magnet Demag Curve with Different Temperature and P

Coating: NiCuNi, NiSn, Phosphating, White Zinc, Color Zinc, Niau, Everlube
Max Dimension for N52 Magnets : Block: 100 x100 x30mm magnetized through-thickness ; Disc:, Diameter : 60x30mm , magnetized through thickness

Shape: Cylinder, Block, Ring, Disc, Segment, Arc, Custom shape

Application: MRI, Magnetic separator or Vacuum spray coating machine, etc.
Production time: About 30 days
Packing: Standard packing for air or sea shipment according to requirement.
Other: 16949 Certificated factories, ROHS compliance, quality report available when these N52 magnets are Finished

MOQ : 1 pc -100000pcs


How to order N52 Neodymium Magnets
1. Any drawing or tell us shape, dimension, and tolerance.
2. Direction of magnetization, magnetized or not need to magnetize during delivery
3. another requirement if possible, such as coating.
4. Qty and delivery way ( sea shipment or air shipment )
5. Seaport or airport nearby with your company.

Buy the Strongest N52 Neodymium Magnets at Our Platform

We are a leading provider of different types of magnets for various commercial and industrial needs. We are specialized in providing the N52 neodymium magnets for all your usage at the most competitive prices. The N52 grade magnets found on our website are actually the highest grade of the permanent neodymium magnet which is original and pure to use. These magnets are really the strongest ones and rare to find on the earth. This is why it is somewhat costly at our shop but you will be satisfied with our original products. This N52 grade actually means the maximum strength of the magnets and it is in which they could be magnetized. All our magnets under this N52 grade are extremely powerful and also high quality for your various performances in the industries. They are very stronger option than the normal neodymium thus we mainly focus to provide such kinds of magnets to get 100 % customer satisfaction.

Why Choosing N52 Neodymium Magnets

All our N52 grade neodymium magnets are generally considered to be very strong at all. This is mainly because they in fact resist demagnetization and also contain a higher level of saturation magnetization. Whenever you are considering this saturation magnetization, it is absolutely related to the magnetic energy which is stored by the material. So, it is just like the indicator of the physical pull strength achieved by the magnet. Most of our customers prefer buying this N52 grade neodymium magnet because of all these beneficial reasons. The actual holding force of the magnet will actually be increased based on the increase in the size of the magnet. You don t need to worry about how long this neodymium magnet lasts because it is a permanent magnet. If you are using in for over 100 years, there is only the loss in the fraction of their performance but you will not get any changes. In order to maintain this long-lasting effect of the neodymium magnets of the N52 grade, we recommend some of the maintenance to have it only within their optimum working conditions.

Magnets N52 Stocklist before Aug 1st, 2018.

Grade Coating Shape and dimension(mm) Qty(pcs)
N52 Ele D40*20 1
N52 NI 4*2.5*1.5 530
N52 NI D3*2.45 1100
N52 NI D9.53*3.18 15
N52 NI D19.05*19.05 3
N52 NI D9.53*9.53 79
N52 NI D30*D5*10 8
N52 NI D9.53*3.18 6
N52 NI D50*D5*10 6
N52 NI D20-D5*10 4
N52 NI 15*12*1 53
N52 NI D3.5*2 1440
N52 NI D3.18*6.35 274
N52 NI R4.8*8.7*3.2 13
N52 NI 20*10*4 153
N52 NI D4*8 430
N52 NI 4*0.5*3 1000
N52 NI 50.8*12.7*3.175 3
N52 NI D19.05*1.02 43
N52 NI 18*13*4.1 8
N52 NI D20.2*10 5
N52 NICU+ epoxy D9.53*3.18-3D1.5 18
N52 NI 22.86*6.35*1.59 7
N52 NI D9.53*3.18-3D1.05 Twenty-two
N52 NI 7*7*7 110
N52 NI 13.97*6.35*8 14
N52 NI 11*6*1.5 80
N52 NI 40*11.93*50 2
N52 NI 10*10*2 9890
N52 NI 12.7*6.35*9.53 8
N52 NI D10*50 6
N52 NI D20.2*10 5
N52 NI 35*4*2 135
N52 NI D10-D3.5*3.175 26
N52 NI R5.75*10.15-3.28 4
N52 NI 25*4*2 280
N52 NI 20*4*2 130
N52 NI D19.75*1.52 4
N52 NICU 40*35*15 2
N52 EP 38.1*25.4*4.76 2
N52 NI D25.4*6.35 6
N52 ZN 20*10*5 80
N52 NI D10.5*0.7 512
N52 NI D25.4-D3.18*3.18 6
N52 NI D3.18*4.76 150
N52 EP 38.1*31.75*4.76/25 2
N52 NI D8*4-D2.5*D4.5 100
N52 NI D6.35*12.7 6
N52 NI D4.75*6.35 19
N52 NI 14*8*1.8 230
N52 NI D20*5 0
N52 NI 50*25*10 5
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