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N55 Neodymium Magnets

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N55 Neodymium Magnets also named N55 rare earth magnets , N55 Magnets,

For many customers seeking maximum strength in smallest size of different shapes, Mag Spring are proud to supply N55 neodymium magnets in bulk qties with stable quality . Compared to N52 neodymium magnets, N55 neodymium magnets strength are up to 4-6% stronger. N55 neodymium magnets are ideal for applications where space is limited or very small, but a very high amount of magnetic field or magnetic strength is needed. Small N55 Magnets are often used in tight situations for delicate applications , such as magnetic switches, magnetic sensors, smart phone , watch glass and more.

Available of most populate N55 rare earth magnets items :

N55 magnets disc as D2x3, D2x4 ,D2x5,D3x2 ,D3x5,D4x1,D4x2,D4x5

n55 magnetes ring as D10xd5x1 ,D10xd5x2

N55 magnets block as 3x3x1, 3x3x2 , 4x4x2,4x4x1

N55 magnets segment

N55 Neodymium Magnets

N55 Neodymium magnets, one kind of rare earth magnet, are known for being the most powerful magnets in the world. In addition to their huge magnetic strength, they are also highly versatile. Mag Spring is excited to announce that we are now supplying N55 grade neodymium magnets.

Properties of N55 Neodymium Magnets

No Grade Remanence Coercive force Intrinsic coercive force Maximum energy product Working temp
/ / T kA/m kA/m kJ/m3  
/ / Nom. Min. Nom. Min. / Nom. Min. /
1 N55 1.50 1.48 860 794 875 437 414 60
2 N54 1.48 1.45 860 794 875 428 408 60
3 N52 1.45 1.42 860 794 875 414 398 60


Some year ago, N52 gneodymium magnets were the strongest magnets that can be bulkly supplied . Today, Mag Spring can offer a magnet of even greater strength to our customers seeking the strongest strength in different shape. Compared to N52 neodymium magnets's strength , N55 neodymium magnets's are up to 4-6% stronger.

In general, Neodymium permanent magnets's strength are judged by grade, the higher a neodymium magnet s grade, the stronger its strength. The severe power of N55 neodymium magnets is recommended for the most challenging projects that need the hugest amount of magnetic strength. Because of what is known as a miniaturization process, N55 grade rare earth magnets can achieve the holding strengths typically boasted by larger permanet magnets, but in a much smaller size.

Applications for N55 Neodymium Magnets

Normally, these powerful N55 rare earth magnets will be used in situation where space is very small, but magnetic flux required is very high.such as an N55 grade neodymium permanent magnet would be used in a place where an extremely small size magnet must firmly fix an object to its surface . N55 grade neodymium magnets may also be used in precise applications such as sensors, switches, watch , mini smart phone and other delicate field.

Safety Precautions

The N55 magnet s attracting and repelling forces represent a potential safety hazard. Magnets can attract and repel even at great distances - thus representing a risk of injury.

Sintered magnets are hard, brittle and, when they collide, break apart into sharp-edged pieces. Any type of collision should be avoided at all times. The powerful attractive forces of the magnet can crush one s skin, so work only when wearing suitable protective clothing!

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