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     SEO Statistics about Keyword of Grate Magnet and its related Keywords



MAG SPRING is one branch of SOUWEST MAGNETECH (Stock No. 836961) that focuses on magnetic systems in China since 1999. MAG SPRING has own factory of neodymium magnet and keeps long term business relationship with many high end customers from USA, UK, Japan etc. We had developed series of magnets and magnetic systems and become the biggest and the most professional factory of magnetic tube, magnetic filter, pot magnet in China. We are an environmental-friendly designer, manufacturer for various industrial magnets & magnetic products and provide global customers with pioneering magnetic solutions. We not only know everything well on Grate Magnet, but also know how to fulfill the specific requirements of the market demand for we have always been doing research on the Keyword of Grate Magnet, today we would like to share some SEO Statistics about Keyword of Grate Magnet and its related Keywords with you. Please see the form below.


Keyword Volume KD CPC (USD) Results
rare earth grate magnets 30 52.55 2.91 -
magnetic tube 210 57.16 1.59 1.85E+08
industrial hopper 140 58.11 4.6 18400000
magnetic cartridge 70 71.43 0.76 15100000
how to remove a magnet from metal 70 77.55 0 30900000
tubular magnets 40 71.77 2.61 1360000
square ceramic magnets 40 69.74 0 7460000
threaded rod magnets 30 60.82 0 7400000


From the above statistics, we can know that:


  1. Most of the Keywords’ Volumes are less than 100, only two is higher, which are from “magnetic tube”-210 and “industrial hopper”-140.
  2. Most of the Keywords’ Difficulty is around 50 to 70, there are three higher, which are “magnetic cartridge”-71,43, “how to remove a magnet from metal”-77,55 and “tubular magnets”-71,77.
  3. Most of the Keywords’ CPC are not very expensive, which are less than 10$.
  4. Most of the Keywords’ Query Results are less than 31,000,000, only one is higher, which is from “magnetic tube”-185,000,000.


Among the 8 related keywords of Grate Magnet, “magnetic tube” had the highest Keywords’ Volume, the second lowest Keywords’ Difficulty, the low Keywords’ CPC and the highest Keywords’ Query Results. So I think this keyword is the best keyword to do the Search Grate Magnet.


Above all is the introduction of its related keywords of Grate Magnet, we hope these statistics will be useful for you when you doing the marketing promotion. If you want to know more information about Grate Magnet, you can visit www.mag-spring.com


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