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Sm2Co17 Magnet

Product Introduction
Smco5 and Sm2co17 Magnets SmCo Magnets with (BH)max>32MGOe from professional exporter- Mag Spring. Various shape,dimension Sm2co17 available.
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SmCO magnets include SmCo5 magnets and Sm2Co17 magnets according to different composition.

Sm2Co17 Magnets are made from Samarium(Sm) , Cobalt(Co), iron(Fe) and Zirconium(Zr), The (BH)max range from 20 to 32MGOe, maximum working temperature up to 350 C. Because of great brittleness of Sm2Co17 materials, it is not suitable for complicated shapes and thin thickness for block and disc or thin wall ring SmCo Magnets.

SmCo5 Magnets are mainly made from Samarium(Sm), Cobalt(Co).Sometimes,the rare earth metal - praseodymium(Pr) is also needed. The (BH) max range is from 16 to 25MGOe, maximum working temperature can up to 250 C. SmCo5 Magnets is slightly easier to be machined into thin thickness disc, thin wall ring and complex shapes than Sm2Co17 magnets because their ductibility is better than Sm2Co17 magnets' . But Magnetic properties of SmCo5 is lower than Sm2Co17 s.

Various shape available, such as block ,ring , arc ,trapezoid ,and so on. Dimension and propeties can be according to customer requirement.

High grade SmCo magnets with (BH)max>32MGOe

Become following feature of SmCO magnets with 32MGOe: 1. The Price is even cheaper than N35EH,N35AH of Neodymium magnets in 2011 ; 2. The magnetic properties in high temperature is better than Neodymium magnets's;3.They even do not need coating base on good corrosion resistance,They can instead of Neodymium magnets to using in all kinds of motor ,generator very well. If you interesting in our products ,Pleas contact us for more information.

Highest Sm2CO17 Magnets Curve with (BH)max about 32MGOe



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