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Hump Magnet for Bean

Product Introduction
Hump Magnets or 90
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Hump magnet

Hump Magnets or 90 Elbow Magnetic Separators generally consist of two Plate Magnets mounted in an offset housing and are installed in vertical spouts which can extracting various ferrous contamination from gravity flow materials or pneumatic products flow in enclosed flow lines to protect process equipment from destrorying and also imporve the materials purity and wildly used in various field ,such as plastic, feed, grain. Elbow designed can help break up the clumps of materials to improve the separation efficiency. The plate magnes are hinged with hump housing which are easily to be cleaned and maintained.
It is used to remove large pieces of tramp iron as well as ferrous fragments from gravity-flow materials or material flow activated by wind in enclosed flow lines before they reach storage bins or processing equipment. They can be mounted in spouting lines or on the processing machines.


1.One separation unit from plate magnet.
2.Magnetic plate can be made from rare earth magnet or ferrite magnets as per customer's request, Housing material can be 304 or 316 stainless steel.
3.The design of angle shape makes material to flow directly into the magnetic field in order to prevent material from caking and bridging and even to break up the caked material.
4.Simple structure,easy cleaning and assembling.
5.Custom made is available for inlet, outlet and any other special requirements.


Name Hump magnetic separator
Material Ndfeb magnet /ferrite magnet/smco magnet
Surface treatment sandblasting/polishing
Coating teflon,tungsten carbide
Food grade welding available
Working Temparature 0-350oC
Housing material SS304/SS316
Max magnetic strengh 8000GS
Monthly Output 1000pcs
MOQ 1pc
Port Ningbo
Packing wood case
Lead time 45days

Hump Magnetic Separator



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