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Buy your 14000GS Big Magnetic Trap for Liquid from Mag Spring

What is a magnetic trap?

Magnetic traps are an effective and risk-free method for containing and processing liquids. They make use of powerful magnets to collect and remove ferrous metals and other pollutants from liquids. In this way, they protect equipment further down the line from harm and avoid contamination. Processing of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals are only some of the many possible uses for magnetic traps, which have a wide range of other applications as well. When it comes to the removal of metal waste and pollutants from your processing line, magnetic liquid traps are a method that is effective in terms of both time and money, making them an attractive option to consider. This is due to the fact that the construction of magnetic liquid traps includes the presence of a magnetic field.

Construction of magnetic trap:

Inside the food-grade stainless-steel body, either Tube Magnets project down from the lid into the material flow, or a single or double Plate Magnet is positioned inside the body.  The high-strength Neodymium Magnets capture both fine iron and larger tramp metal (e.g. nuts, rust, etc).  Designed to fit 2” (50.8mm), 3” (76.2mm), and 4” (101.6mm) diameter pipelines, with special ends fitted for other pipe sizes. In operation, the liquid or slurry enters the T-shaped Magnetic Liquid Trap and is pushed through the magnetic field of a tight grid of Tube Magnets or across the face of a strong Plate Magnet. The magnetic field attracts the ferrous particles onto the surface of the magnet, where it is securely held.  Periodically, by the level of contamination, the lid of the Magnetic Filter Trap is removed and the Tube Magnets are wiped clean. 

Why magnetic liquid trap?

Numerous contaminants have the potential to clog the system in the absence of a magnetic liquid trap; hence, there are some instances in which it is necessary to perform a clean wash on the system. Because of this, magnetic liquid traps are an absolute must to have. You may require a new system to be installed if there is a large blockage within the system. Alternatively, you might hire a professional to perform a power flush on your system. This will get rid of the sludge, rust, and contaminated particles that have built up over time. The possibility exists that the system could experience damage of such a severe kind that it would need to be replaced in the absolute worst-case scenario. Therefore, magnetic liquid traps are an absolute necessity whenever you are working with liquids. It will help make your product more efficient and will also provide you with cost-effectiveness for your business.

A 14000GS big magnetic trap for liquid:

The purpose of a magnetic trap is to capture magnetic particles and separate them from other types of material. One type of magnetic trap is known as a 14000GS Big Magnetic Trap for liquid. It accomplishes this by combining a powerful magnetic field with a filter to sort the particles, which results in a material sorting process that is both more efficient and effective. It is constructed in such a way that it can collect any magnetic particles that have been suspended in a liquid, whether that liquid is air, oil, or water. It has a wide range of applications, from the processing of food to the processing of chemicals and even the purification of water.

14000GS Big Magnetic Trap for Liquid

Features of 14000GS big magnetic trap for liquid: 

  1. The intensity of the magnetic field is capable of reaching a maximum of 14,000 GS.
  2. The minimum temperature at which work may be done safely is 80 degrees Celsius, while the maximum temperature at which work can be done safely is 350 degrees Celsius.
  3. Installation, separation, and cleaning are all made considerably easier thanks to features such as flanges, uneven heads, ferrules, and bolt plates. 
  4. There are two grades of stainless steel that can be used for the construction of pipelines: 304 and 316L.
  5. The magnetic configuration that is ideal for design ensures that the magnetic effect is at its maximum without blocking the flow of liquid. This configuration is excellent for design because it is magnetic.
  6. It is also possible to take the customer's specific instructions regarding the pressure or any other aspect of the specifics.
  7. These magnetic traps are available in neodymium, SmCo, and ferrite materials.

Magnetic Liquid Trap Suppliers:

When working with a sizeable amount of liquids, having magnetic liquid traps on hand is an imperative requirement.   In addition to this advantage, magnetic liquid catches make it very easy to separate pollutants from the fluid that is still left in your container. Finding a large magnetic trap with a capacity of 14,000 GS for liquid could prove challenging. If you are looking for a provider of magnetic liquid traps, your best bet is to go with Mag Spring because they have the experience in the industry. You may count on us to supply you with the best magnetic liquid traps of every possible variety. At Mag-Spring, customers may choose from a comprehensive assortment of magnetic filter options. These filters have a simple installation process and come with a number of additional features. It is an efficient procedure for removing ferrous contaminations from liquid or semi-liquid compounds, such as chocolate syrup, sauce, and other items of a similar nature. Every item can be purchased at the affordable rates now available.


The 14000GS Big Magnetic Trap for liquid is another piece of equipment that was developed specifically for the purpose of removing significant quantities of particles from fluid systems. You may get this equipment from Mag Spring at a very reasonable price if you find yourself dealing with heavy fluids on a regular basis.

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