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DC motor magnet Types – Role – Examples

This article consists of topics like DC motor and DC motor magnet. A moving or automatic machine that can convert electric energy into mechanical energy is thought to be known as a Dc motor. Dc motor (direct current) is a type of electric or moving machine. Mechanical rotation or spinning is the effect of electrical power taken by DC motor (direct current) through direct current. This article contains this type of information which is regarding DC motor magnet and so on.

Magnetic fields are used by DC motors which are resulted because of the electric current generated, which again resulted the motion of the rotor. This rotor is fixed within the output shaft. The design of the Motor and electrical input affects the output torque and speed.


Examples of DC (direct current motor) are given below:

  1. A) Robotic drives
  2. B) Printers
  3. C) Machine tools
  4. D) Process rolling mills
  5. E) Paper industries
  6. F) Textile industries


 There are four main types of DC motor which are given below:

  1. A) Brushless DC motor
  2. B) Brushed DC motor
  3. C) Shunt DC motor
  4. D) Series DC motor


  1. A) DC motors for fans
  2. B) DC motors for pumps
  3. C) DC motors for toys
  4. D) DC motors for electric cars
  5. E) DC motors for bikes
  6. F) DC motors for robots

Who invented the DC motor:

Moritz Jacobi, in 1834, invented the electrical motor which was very powerful aur quite unique inventory at that time. Latterly, Sibrandus Stratingh and Christopher Becker, in 1835, demonstrated a small model car. However, Thomas Davenport is well known for the invention of electrical motor.

Stationary magnets in the stator are used in simple DC motor. And a wire containing electricity or power supply is present which produces electromagnetic field.

Magnets USED:

 Ferrite magnets are used in DC motors. Despite the fact that ferrite magnets provides very low range of power supply or electricity as compared  to other magnets like earth magnets but because of having properties like their strong resistance to demagnetization, exceptional corrosion resistance and very low prices, they are more demanding magnets and have worldwide acceptance.

All types of DC motors worked under one rule or principle that is to establish a magnetic field for the working of all DC motors. And magnetic field is formed or established because of the presence of magnets. Different types of magnets can be used for the formation of magnetic field. We can use electromagnet or permanent magnet.

Permanent magnet DC motor:

 For the motion or operation of the DC motor, a permanent magnet DC motor is used in the DC motor to create or form magnetic field.


Simple example is the battery operated toy which is nothing but a permanent magnet DC motor. These types of DC motors are very easy to construct. They are commonly seen in the starter motor in automobiles, windshield wipers, washers, blowers used in heaters and air conditioners for the movement of windows. And they are extensively seen in toys.

The strength or power of the magnetic field of the permanent DC motor is fixed. Externally it cannot be controlled. Therefore we only use DC motor when we don't have to control the speed of magnetic field or speed of the motors.

Areas used can be:

1) Permanent magnet stator

2) Electromagnets connected in series

3) Shunt (wound stator)

4) Compound (wound stator)

  • Permanent magnet stator:

Starting capability and speed regulation of permanent magnet stator is excellent. A magnet is used in the permanent magnet motor to supply field flux. Only drawback of DC motor magnet is that they can drive limited amount of load. Low horsepower applications are used in permanent magnet stator.

  • Series motors:

Along with the armature, the field is connected in series, in series DC motor. Large wire is used because it should carry full current. Large amount of starting torque is produced by the series DC motor. Speed is dependent on the load (no load or full load).

  • Shunt motors:

In regenerative drives, shunt motors are used as its beneficial. In shunt motors, field is connected in parallel.

  • Compound motors:

Field of compound motors are connected to series with armature and a excited shunt field.


Permanent magnets are used in the fields of this motor.


Permanent magnets motors generally consists of 2 main parts

1) Stator

2) Armature


Following are the advantages of permanent magnet DC motor.

1) Arrangement of field excitation is not needed

2) Extra input power is not needed for the excitation and efficiency of DC motor.

3) Field coil is not used in this type of motor; therefore they are smaller in size in comparison to other motors.

4) Cheaper and economical for all the users.


Following are the disadvantages of permanent magnets DC motor.

1) Demagnetizing effect of the armature reaction can effect and weaken the strength of magnetic field.

2) Because of the huge armature electrical current in the starting, reversal and overloading condition of the motor, the poles can permanently demagnetized.

3)  Field cannot be controlled externally as it is fixed and limited, it would be difficult to control the speed of DC motor.

Applications of permanent magnet Dc motor:

Permanent magnet DC motor can be used in automobiles starter, toys, wipers, washers, hot blowers, air conditioners, computer disc drives and much more. Mag spring offers wide variety of DC motor magnet, we should do online shopping and should purchase them from mag-spring.com as they are also offering discount.


The entire lesson which we can conclude from the above theory is that it the types of electrical or moving machine which spins with the help of DC. They actually are in the rotating position, with the torque associated with it. They can be found easily in daily uses of our household like toys, washers computers and stuff like that.  It consists of four main types which are further divided into other sub categories. There are so many suppliers who provide Dc motor but the best of them is Mag Spring who can customize their order according to the need of customer.


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