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What is a rotary grate magnet separator?

What is a magnetic separator? 

A magnetic separator is a construction made of stainless steel that is installed either on top of or within a product flow. In the food business, magnetic separators are typically installed inline, within the structure of already existing piping. Foreign metal fragments, such as work-hardened stainless steel, stone, fine dust, and other magnetic fragments, are attracted to and maintained on the magnet surface when the product flows through or past the magnet. This occurs as the product moves through or past the magnet. They will remain in this location until either a plant operator comes and physically cleans the magnet or an automatic cleaning cycle is run on it.

Why is magnetic separation important?

When it comes to making sure their final products are safe for human consumption, many businesses rely on magnetic separation as a critical piece of equipment. Because several steps in the production process can leave behind metal powders and particles, magnetic separation is necessary to ensure the purity of the product and protect the consumers' health. Because it removes potentially harmful metal scraps from the production process, magnetic separation also helps to keep your machinery safe from severe damage. Magnetic separation applications are essential to the success of any business, whether it be in the food industry, the dairy industry, the grain, and milling industry, the chemical industry, the plastics industry, the oil industry, the textile industry, the recycling industry, the powder and bulk product industry, or the non-woven product industry.

What is a rotary grate magnet separator? 

Rotary grate magnet separators are built to remove ferrous particles from powder flows, which are the type of particles that normally clogged stationary grates. Powerful magnet rods are moved through the powder stream by a mechanism that utilizes circular motion. This slow rotation separates soft lumps and sticky materials while preventing the product from bridging the process stream. Moreover, it prevents the product from bridging. They find widespread application in the fields of material processing, material handling, and magnetic separation. Rotary grate magnets have applications throughout a wide range of industries, such as the food processing industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and the recycling industry.

Working of a rotary grate magnet separator: 

The rotary grate magnetic separator can be broken down into its parts, which are a cyclic magnetic grate and outer housing. To get the magnetic grate to turn, you will need to use a motor. For material that tends toward caking and bridging, a rotary magnetic separator is utilized in order to remove ferrous impurities from the material. Because of the constant circular motion, rotary separators prevent the viscous material from clogging and bridging inside the magnetic separator. This is accomplished by keeping the material moving. This rotating action causes the viscous material to circulate, which in turn enables additional ferrous impurities to be drawn to the rods, which are then removed from the product flow. At the same time, any lumps that may exist within the product are broken up by the rotating motion.


  1. The design of the magnetic grating allows for quick detachment, making it simple to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.
  2. The magnetic force can reach a maximum of 12,000 Gus. 
  3. The normal operating temperature is 80 degrees Celsius. If necessary, it is capable of reaching temperatures up to 350 degrees Celsius.
  4. It is possible, depending on the application, to either increase or decreases the total number of magnetic bars.
  5. There are a few possible connections that can use either a square chute or a round pipeline flange.
  6. The material can be prevented from caking or bridging by using rotating magnetic bars.
  7. It is made entirely of stainless steel.
  8. It has simple accessibility for inspection and maintenance.


It is suitable for removing iron scrap or micro ferromagnetic contamination from powdery or granule materials, in particular from high viscosity or poor fluidity materials that are prone to caking or bridging, and it is widely used for building materials, chemicals, coal, food, refractory, pharmacy, and other similar applications.

How to clean the rotary grate magnets:

The cleaning is finished when the rotary grate magnets have been removed and the magnetic tube has been cleaned. By using a grating magnet, the accumulated metal impurities can be prevented from contaminating the clean material and forced to the underside of the tube, where they are stored. There shouldn't be too much of a problem fitting the rotary grate magnet separators into the hoppers or dumps. Because the angles on the four corners of the Grate magnet are designed to support the grate while also allowing the product to slide toward the magnetic tube, this design eliminates any possibility of the product slipping past the magnet. The rotary grate magnet separator is designed to sit inside an existing hopper in order to simplify the process of cleaning.

Rotary grate magnet separators from Mag Spring: 

You have the ability to select from a wide range of magnetic separators, all of which will be provided to you in a timely and risk-free manner, following the specifications of your choice and requirements. At Mag Spring, we assure you that you will receive magnetic rotary grate magnetic separators of the highest quality and most recent generation. These separators have been recognized as having high-quality construction and components. It has been put through a variety of tests, all of which it has succeeded in. Magnetic devices have made Mag Spring recognizable. After purchasing from us, you will feel satisfied.


In today's modern food processing sector, rotary grate magnets are an integral piece of equipment. Their primary responsibility is to contribute to the protection of consumers' health and the integrity of food goods. These rotary grate magnet separators are guaranteed to be of the higher quality by Mag Spring.

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