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Choosing the Right Brushless Motor Magnets for Your Electric Motor

Updated on 2023-12-29

Overview of brushless motor magnets: 

Below, we've discussed some essential things about Brushless motor magnets.

Brushless motor magnets 

What are brushless motors? 

Motion control extensively uses brushless motors, making them one of the most common types of this component. A Brushless Motor is a type of electric motor powered by a supply of direct current voltage and commutated electronically, as opposed to ordinary DC motors, which use brushes to make the transitions between speeds. Electronic control takes the place of the traditional mechanical commutation function in brushless electric motors. Permanent electromagnets provide the source of their power.

They do this by generating a revolving magnetic field in the stator, which then induces a rotating magnetic field in the rotor, tuing at the same rate as the stator. It uses an electronic controller for switching DC currents to the motor windings, which, in tu, produces magnetic fields that revolve in space and are followed by the permanent magnet rotor. The controller manipulates the phase and amplitude of the DC pulses to achieve the desired effect on the motor's speed and torque. 

How do magnets work in brushless motors?

A brushless motor has an inteal spinning armature and exteal permanent magnets. The stationary permanent magnets are also called "stators" due to the fact that they do not move. The armature is often referred to as the rotor because it spins in a circular motion. An electromagnet is located inside of the armature. When electricity is passed through this electromagnet, it produces a magnetic field within the armature. This magnetic field attracts and repels the magnets that are contained within the stator. Brushless motors often have permanent magnets installed on the rotor of the motor. Ferrite, samarium-cobalt, or neodymium-boron-iron are the three materials that make these permanent magnets. In addition, the brushless motor magnets can run at synchronous speed when provided with a source with a constant voltage and frequency.

Magnets make the motor spin quicker and consume less electricity than they would without them. They also make the motor more resistant to wear and tear. As a Certified supplier and producer of industrial magnets and magnetic products, Mag spring offers you the most appropriate and effective magnets for your brushless motor. 

Advantages of brushless motors: 

  1. High speed and acceleration: 

Because brushless motors do not have a commutator or brushes, their rotational speed is significantly higher. The motor's acceleration and deceleration rates significantly increase as the rotor contains a lower percentage of laminated iron. In addition, the rotational inertia that the motor experience is reduced, allowing the motor to function more efficiently because the rotor of a brushless motor is made up of powerful rare earth magnets.

  1. Extended Lifeline: 

As we have talked about before that, brushless motors have a good lifespan. Do you want to know why? Here are some reasons

  • The magnet keeps the motor cooler. 
  • They have no moving contacts on them, so the motor keeps operating. 
  • It has no erosion of brushes and commutators. 
  1. Better Size: 

You can find Brushless DC motors in tiny and compact sizes. In comparison to previous types of motors, the brushless DC motor is smaller since it uses mode permanent magnets, and there are no losses in the rotor. 

  1. High Efficiency: 

Significantly with the addition of electronic control, which enables high-level control over the speed and position of the motor, brushless DC motors have superior performance and efficiency compared to other types of motors. These motors are dependable and efficient in their use of energy, and their technology has seen consistent development since their introduction to the market. 

Which magnets are best for Brushless motors? 

Choosing the Correct Brushless Motor Magnet has a significant impact on project costs and overall performance. It is critical to make an informed decision at this stage of the process. What's more, guess what? Mag Spring guides consider your preferences and direct you accordingly. They also supply the greatest brushless motor magnets.

As previously stated, permanent magnets are used in brushless motors. Mag spring has permanent magnets that perform effectively in all working conditions. Now, let us discuss the main features of the permanent magnets of Mag Spring. 

  1. Neodymium Magnet: 

Neodymium magnet is considered the strongest permanent magnet. Our magnet has high strength and is reasonably priced. If you want quality and quantity at an affordable price, go no further than Mag Spring. Our NdFeB magnets range in price from N33 to N50SH and are utilized in a variety of applications ranging from common bags to high-performance motors. The annual capacity exceeds 5,000 tons. We have a wide variety of neodymium magnet sizes and shapes for you to pick from. You may get neodymium magnets from us because they are available to everyone.

  1. Samarium-Cobalt Magnets: 

Samarium-cobalt magnets are permanent magnets and a type of rare earth magnet consisting of samarium and cobalt alloys. We provide high-quality Samarium-cobalt magnets at very reasonable costs. We guarantee that the things our customers purchase are genuine and original. Our SmCo magnets are almost corrosion and oxidation resistant. They are the finest choice for high-temperature situations due to their temperature and corrosion resistance.

  1. Ferrite Magnets: 

Ferrite magnets, often known as ceramic magnets, are produced by a manufacturing process that entails grinding and pressing molds. The raw material resource for our ferrite magnets is quite vast. It has a strong resistance to electric current and resistance to corrosion. We use high-quality materials to produce our ferrite magnets, which we then offer for sale at reasonable prices. The raw material resource for our ferrite magnets is quite vast. It has a strong resistance to electric current and resistance to 


Brushless motors are becoming increasingly popular in various applications because of their superior performance.  You will need to purchase a high-quality magnet to improve the performance of brushless motors. It will be a great option if you choose Mag Spring for your brushless motor magnets. We promise we will live up to the standards you have set for us regarding the product. 

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