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Guide About Permanent Magnets – Mag Spring

By stating it more specifically and precisely we can say that permanent Magnets are ferromagnetic material that generates one kind of persistent magnetic field and doesn't require any kind of outsider energy for creating it.

Some magnets can be demagnetized and become weak due to many reasons but because of other rare earth magnet they will be able again to resist the demagnetization effect, that’s how they become able to work in high level of temperature


Extreme level of temperature is given to magnetic materials, which cause movement in the atoms and they travel so fast that atoms starts colliding with each other. This movement causes the magnetic spin which will create magnetic field.

When the temperature comes to its normal turn temperature the alignment of atoms occur and the domain returns to its field

The actual difference which occurs between these domains creates a magnet. It is made up of different several materials like ceramic, Alnico, cobalt and neodymium. Neodymium Iron boron and Samarium Cobalt are rare earth magnets. One important thing here is to noticed that these magnets have brilliant holding strength as compare to their small size

How does it work?

Each permanent Magnet despite of its type have magnetic field which is generated by magnets. The field can be either stronger or smaller of these magnets it depends the actual strength of magnet.

In order to check the strength of the magnet some iron fillings are scattered around the bar, if the fillings are quickly drawn towards lines then the strength is very high

Like many other magnets, they too have South Pole and North Pole in it. The very simple formula is that similar poles repels each other while opposite poles attract each other. This behavior can be observed in our daily life basis like refrigerator, door and cabinets etc.


We doesn't recognize its importance whereas we are using it in our daily basis, their importance is very unique and versatile which we can't take as for granted. As they have the ability to attract the metal and vice versa, they are very strong in usage.  They are able to covert mechanical energy into motion and produce many other electrical field and flux etc.

How to choose the right one?

Selection of best permanent Magnet is very difficult especially for industries because they have very hot environment in which sometimes the Magnets lose their magnetic strength, similarly industries might face which temperature too. So there are many other limitations which industries may face.

So the best choice is to don't waste your time here and there just contact with Mag spring which offers different kinds of magnets working in every kind of environment or circumstances.

Wholesale permanent Magnets: 

Mag springs also works as wholesale marketers. Those who want to buy in bulk are welcome to Mag Springs who offer different kinds of offer with discount deals and certain packages. That’s why they are working as a supplier too.


They can be used in daily basis and are very helpful too. They can be used in households or in commercial areas. Few daily life uses are listed below;

  • Refrigerator magnet
  • Pain relief
  • Door and Cabinets
  • Scarp yards
  • Key chain magnets

Main types:

There are several main types which are mentioned below;

1) Alnico Magnets

2) NdFeB Magnets

3) SmCo Magnets

4) Motor Magnets

5) Radial Magnets

6) Rubber Magnets

7) Ferrite Magnets

8) Promotional Magnets


About 2500 years ago in Europe, one particular mineral caught the attention and create curiosity everywhere. This was mineral rock which possesses some unusual characteristics. Later on it was discovered that this piece is actually called lodestone. Later on in 1269, a study was held by Peter that steel can also be charged after rubbing it with against ok the one of the pole of lodestone. This is a kind of modern permanent magnetism which has south and pole sides.

Are permanent Magnets actually permanent?

Yes, they are permanent and some of their types are as long as the lives of human beings. They don't use any external energy to make them magnet. They decay but it takes a lot of years so we can say that yes they are permanent.

Reasons of losing strength of magnet: 

There are some reasons due to which magnet can lose its strength

1) Heat:  there is maximum point of heat level which should be given if it proceeds from that point it will decrease the strength of the magnet.  The rare earth materials has a standard of 175F whereas ceramic material has 400 F

2) Impact:

The sharp handling to magnets like any physical abuse can decrease the magnetic strength. Such impacts can lead to fractures to the materials

3) Welding:

Welding can the magnet can decrease its performance because it can lead to high heat temperature which is not a favorable condition for the magnets

4) Liquid Ingress: 

The place or house where magnets are kept should not get moisture because it can cause oxidation of magnets which will lead to weaken the magnetic strength of magnets.

Metal control system audit: In order to check the performance of the magnets and whether they are working properly or not it is always best to audit it by consulting the audit teams.

How strong is permanent Magnet?

As they are made up of neodymium magnets which are more than 10 times of ferrite. Despite of their smaller weight they are able to stuck substances 640 times to their weight. The plus point of that magnets are that they doesn't harm humans

Is permanent Magnet motors Ac or Dc? 

They are ac motor that uses such magnets which are attached to the motor


The use of the magnet is the pulling force to attract other magnets items but it also plays an important role in different electronic tools such as hard drives, motors, cars, television, phone, Speakers, headphones and sensors etc.

They are magnets that retain their magnetism once magnetized, and are perhaps the most common type they are used to manufacture refrigerator magnets, as well as in jewelry making.


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