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What are inline magnetic traps?

What is a magnetic separator?

Permanent magnets are frequently utilized in the process industries to separate foreign particles from the majority of the product being processed. Foreign bodies, which are often made of metal and include things like bolts, screws, or even just metal shavings, can be harmful to the process by causing damage to the equipment that is rotating, as well as to the end product. It is possible to effectively detect the presence of a metallic foreign body, remove it, or at the very least, isolate a production that is suspected of being contaminated by using magnetic separation at various points along the process.

What are magnetic traps?

A device that uses a magnetic field to remove ferrous contaminants from the flow of a liquid is referred to as a magnetic trap. Magnetic traps are an efficient and effective solution that can also be utilized for either wet or dry processes. They are particularly useful for collecting metal waste and pollutants that are generated throughout the manufacturing process. They eliminate any contaminants that can be harmful to the product in any way to keep the product's high quality throughout the production process. They are also perfect for use in channels where large metal things can be removed first, before reaching equipment that is essential to the process.

Inline Magnetic Trap

Introduction to inline magnetic traps: 

Inline magnetic traps are cutting-edge pieces of plumbing equipment that, when properly installed, can help you keep a clean and well-functioning plumbing system. They are made to trap any ferrous particles that may be present in your water supply, such as rust, sand, and sediment, and prevent those particles from entering your plumbing system, where they can cause blockages and other issues. This is accomplished through the use of a special design that allows them to do so. It functions by utilizing a powerful magnet to collect and keep ferrous metal particles, which are then able to be easily removed from the process line to prevent damage to the equipment and contamination of the product.

Construction of Inline Magnetic Traps:

Inline magnetic traps are built with features that make them simple to install and allow for a speedy connection to pipelines with diameters ranging from 50 to 250 millimeters. A plate magnet is installed on one side of the internal tube of the inline magnet. This plate magnet attracts ferrous metal contamination and keeps it on its surface where it may be easily cleaned. To carry out the routine maintenance that is required, the hinged plate magnet will need to be undone, taken out of the product stream, and cleaned.

Plate magnets within an inline magnet can be made from ceramic ferrite or neodymium rare earth magnets. Both of these types of magnets are rather uncommon. Neodymium magnets are significantly more powerful than ceramic ferrite magnets, although ceramic ferrite magnets are capable of producing a profound magnetic field

Features of inline magnetic traps: 

Following are the features that our inline magnetic traps possess

  1. The material of the housing is either SS304 or SS316L.
  2. Sandblasting and polishing make up the surface treatment of this item.
  3. There is a range of magnetic intensity from 1500GS to 13000GS.
  4. The maximum safe operating temperature varies from 80 degrees to 350 degrees Celsius.
  5. Samarium-Cobalt (rare-earth), Ceramic, and Neodymium-Iron-Boron are the three types of magnet materials that can be used (rare-earth)
  6. Custom-made is available. Your company's logo, pattern, or pattern of choice can be printed on it.

Magnetic materials for inline magnetic traps: 

  1. SmCo magnets: 

SmCo magnets are powerful permanent magnets with remarkable magnetic characteristics. They exhibit remarkable consistency in temperature. They typically do not require plating because of the high level of corrosion resistance they possess. Magnets made of samarium cobalt continue to have an extraordinarily high magnetic strength, which makes them a great choice for harsh situations in which elements such as high temperatures or corrosive substances are present.

  1. Neodymium magnets: 

Permanent magnets with the highest magnetic qualities are neodymium magnets, which belong to the rare-earth magnet family and are named for the element neodymium. The fact that they have high magnetic strength in addition to the fact that they are reasonably inexpensive makes them a perfect choice for a wide variety of applications across a variety of industries, including commercial, technical, and industrial. They perform exceptionally well when it comes to magnetic separation. 

  1. Ferrite magnets:

The term "ferrite" refers to a class of ferromagnetic ceramic compounds that are non-conductive and generated from iron oxides. In terms of their magnetic properties, ferrites can be divided into two categories: those with low magnetic coercivity and those with high magnetic coercivity. The former are used as ferromagnetic cores, while they are utilized as permanent magnets.

Inline magnetic traps from Mag Spring: 

The company Mag Spring provides its customers with the highest quality varieties of magnetic traps. The appropriate option for preventing damage to your manufacturing lines is our inline magnetic Trap, which can be purchased here. The installation of these filters is quite simple, and in addition to that, they are outfitted with a wide range of other functions. Utilizing this method effectively allows for the removal of ferrous contaminations from liquid or semi-liquid substances. This method can also be used to remove ferrous contaminations from solid substances. Mag Spring is the only place to go to find wholesale prices on inline magnetic traps of the finest possible quality.


Inline magnetic traps can be installed in gas and air lines to assist reduce the amount of dust, dirt, and other debris that might accumulate in your system. These inline magnetic traps are also known as inline vacuum sealers. This can help keep your system functioning efficiently and save you money on pricey repairs. Mag Spring is the place to get yours.

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