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An Introduction to Magnetic grid separators

Industrial applications are common places to find usage for magnetic grid separators. They can be used for a wide variety of productive and useful uses. You may learn more about them by reading the article.

What is magnetic separation? 

A magnet is used in the process of magnetic separation, which separates components of mixtures by attracting magnetic objects to the magnetic field of the magnet. When it comes to the processing of raw materials, this method is considered to be one of the most dependable ways to recover ferrous metals. In addition to that, it has applications in the manufacturing of completed goods.

How does a magnetic grid separator work? 

Magnetic grid separators are tools that are used in the process of extracting and removing ferromagnetic elements from combinations of liquids or solids. It is possible to use it before, during, and after the creation of a material, and it can be altered to attract a variety of magnetic materials with varying intensities.

A magnetic grid separator consists of a powerful magnet that is either fixed to the surface of something or suspended from it using some kind of apparatus. The separator is made out of a grid of magnets, which are commonly made out of iron, and it is put in the path that the fluid will take. They can remove particles from dry materials that are free-flowing, such as powdered plastics, sugar, tea, and various chemicals. Ferromagnetic materials, such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and manganese, can be picked by separators. These materials include the majority of mild steel, a few stainless steel sheets, and manganese. Magnets are unable to separate non-magnetic materials including aluminum, silver, gold, and copper, as well as many types of stainless steel sheets and other stainless steel products.

Easy cleaning magnetic grid:

 Customers that need to quickly and easily remove metal contamination are turning more and more frequently to the use of easy clean magnetic grids. These grids each have an interlock installed in them. Take the grids out of the hopper, slide open the interlock, and take the inner magnetic tubes out to clean them. The metal debris is easily removed by just falling off. This is a useful tool for workers who clean the grids regularly and reduces the amount of downtime experienced. When there is a height restriction in a chute or other piece of machinery, a magnetic separator grid or grate that is easy to clean might be installed there. In addition to this, we may supply it in housings that make it simple to install into preexisting process lines.

Why consider buying a magnetic grid separator?

Every organization or business is continuously on the lookout for new methods that might boost their levels of efficiency and productivity. This is especially the case in the manufacturing sector of the economy. Magnetic grid separators are the single  effective tool for increasing productivity when it comes to separating metal from other materials. Magnetic Grid Separators are constructed using a design that is resistant to abrasion. It can be up to twice as large as the opening in your outlet at its maximum measurement. This contributes to an unfettered flow. In addition, magnetics grid separators can be repurposed to function as hopper magnets, which will help your machine function more effectively.

Benefits of magnetic grid separators: 

Following are the benefits of magnetic grid separators. 

  • They eliminate pollutants on the nanoscale.
  • When it comes to cleaning, the particles are simple to remove.
  • Installation is simple with this product.
  • Certification and testing are performed on the magnetic strength of magnetic grid separators.
  • It has permanent protection of technological machinery
  • Magnetic grid separatorsoffer a simple and lightweight method of separation.
  • They have a performance that is both very effective and quite steady.

Use of permanent magnets in magnetic separator: 

Neodymium magnetic rods are a component of the magnetic grid. Because they are located in the center of your product stream, they are even able to collect tin-ferrous particles. Even scraps of stainless steel are collected. Due to their tiny size, even sensitive metal detectors are unable to detect these particles. The neodymium magnets used in magnetic gratings are strong magnets found everywhere around the globe. Neodymium magnetic magnesium magnetic gate separator can replace ferromagnets in some applications. Due to the powerful magnetic force you can use these rare earth grille magnets for wide applications in which accurate separation is important.


  • Chemical industry 
  • Food industry 
  • Cosmetics processing for powder separation.
  • Plastic 
  • Agricultural use

Mag Spring’s magnetic grid separator: 

Magnetic spring Magnet separator: Magazine not only provides high quality, but we can also design the wholesale magnetic nets that you need for your business. We carry a variety of different magnetic grids, most commonly in round and square designs. On the other hand, we can give customers customized tables such as ellipses and rectangles if they wish. We are here to help you whenever the product you need is reliable, durable, and very versatile to meet your daily needs. The magnetic mesh of our collection is composed of high-quality components and is used in a variety of applications.


Maggrid separators produce a high strength magnetic field, which allows them to attract even resistant substances and remove them from the mixture. This is due to the ability of the magnetic field to produce strong magnetic fields. Mag Spring is known for providing high quality magnetic raster separators and is available in various sizes. Also we had developed auto cleaning magnetic grid separator. If you are interested in buying any products, please contact us.

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