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The fine magnetic liquid trap suppliers

In the following article, we will provide you with all of the information concerning magnetic liquid trap providers that you require. You will gain an understanding of how a magnetic liquid works, its properties, and the reliable supplier of it. We have high hopes that this information will guide you in the right direction when it comes to purchasing a magnetic liquid trap. Let's discuss it.

What is a magnetic liquid trap? 

The removal of ferrous contamination during the processing of liquid products using magnetic liquid traps, which successfully eliminates tiny and micro-sized ferrous particles, ensures the purity of the product. Standard components of the device include a permanent magnet, an electromagnet, a sequence of magnets, and either a ferromagnetic or a paramagnetic substance. When it comes to removing metal rubbish and pollutants from your processing line, magnetic liquid traps are a technology that is efficient in terms of both time and money. This is because magnetic liquid traps are made up of a magnetic field. The fact that these traps may be utilized for both wet and dry operations demonstrates the versatility of the product.

How magnetic liquid trap is made?

The conceivable strong and substantial grade of magnet material is used to build magnetic liquid traps. It consists of powerful magnets capable to capture even the smallest stray particles from the environment. Ceramics, aluminum alloys, samarium cobalt, and NdfeB are some examples of powerful magnets.

The entire process is carried out using stainless steel. A vessel, a magnetic lid assembly, and a band clamp make up the housing. These three components work together to hold the unit together. It is recommended that an ordinary magnetic liquid trap have a high operating temperature that is lower than 80 degrees Celsius. The temperature can be adjusted anywhere from 80 to 350 degrees Celsius.

Working of magnetic liquid trap: 

The magnetic traps act as a filter and gather any metal particles that might be present in your liquid. They do this by attracting and holding the particles. This guarantees that the pump will sustain no damage whatsoever as a result of the particles. 

When the liquid or slurry is introduced into the Magnetic Trap, the process kicks off and it is subjected to the magnetic field generated by a densely packed grid of tube magnets. The ferrous particles are drawn to the surface of the magnet by the magnetic field, and once there, they are held securely in place by the magnet itself. After that, the tube magnets are fastened to the top of the container and subjected to a comprehensive cleaning. These magnet traps use strong neodymium magnets that can withstand high temperatures and have a high energy output. They are designed to collect difficult forms of waste.

Easy cleaning magnetic trap: 

It is possible for the magnetic intensity to reach 8,000 Gauss at the surface of the easy-clean type of magnetic liquid trap because of the thickness of the easy-clean sleeve. This results in a higher level of efficiency when compared to the standard type of magnetic liquid trap. The most dependable suppliers of magnetic liquid traps make sure that their products are up to code by conducting quality assurance checks.

Magnetic Liquid Trap Suppliers:

A magnetic trap is absolutely necessary when a large amount of liquid is used. Beyond this benefit, magnetic liquid capture makes it easy to separate contaminants from the remaining liquid in the container. These magnetic liquid traps are sold by Mag Spring, which has a large inventory of magnetic liquid trap products. Finding good magnetic trap suppliers can be hard to find. If you are looking for a supplier of magnetic liquid traps, the good choice is to go to the Mag Spring. We provide you with excellent examples of various varieties of magnetic liquid traps. There are plenty of magnetic filters available here. These filters are simple to install and come with many additional features. It is an effective way to eliminate the contamination of ferrous iron by liquid or semi-liquid substances, such as chocolate syrup, sauces, and others. Each item can be bought at competitive prices.

Auto Cleaning Magnetic Trap:

If you interesting ,please contact with Mag Spring.

Benefits of magnetic liquid trap: 

  • Installing magnetic liquid traps is a simple process.
  • It does not have a notable decrease in pressure or a decrease in flow rates.
  • They provide effective magnetic separation that is unaffected by leaks, blockage, or distortion.
  • The magnetic liquid trap is significantly less expensive to fix than others.

Features of magnetic liquid trap: 

Following are the features of the magnetic liquid trap that Mag Spring supplies.

  1. At Mag Spring, SS304 or SS316L housing is available.
  2. The max magnetic intensity of 13000GS is available for normal style.
  3. Max 9000GS is available for easy cleaning style
  4. Max work temperature is ranged from 80℃to 350℃;
  5. Magnetic materials such as neodymium-iron-boron (rare earth), ceramic, and samarium-cobalt are utilized in the production of these magnetic liquid traps.
  6. Food-grade welding is available.
  7. Custom-made is available. 


A magnetic liquid trap is used for the purification of the following things. 

  • Food processing 
  • Baby food
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Slips
  • Slurries
  • Pet food
  • Recycling
  • Ceramics


Important equipment for improved filtration of various particles from products in a liquid or slurry form, especially metal particles, is a high-quality magnetic liquid trap designed to last for a longer time. If you want high quality filters, you should contact Mag Spring as they are one of the great magnetic liquid trap suppliers in the industry.

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