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What is Magnetic Rod Filter - How Does it Work?

What are magnetic rod filters?

Magnetic rod filters are generally used to filter out contaminated iron particles from products that are in liquid or slurry form. It's a technique that can be used in approximately any environment where ferrous, Para-magnetic, and crushing medium contamination is an issue. The best part of using magnetic rod filters is that when the filters become full, you can easily remove and clean them. In other words, they can be easily recycled.

magnetic rod filters

What is it made of:

Magnetic rod filters are constructed from materials with a strong magnetic field in their natural state. They are usually made of 304 stainless steel tubes or 316 stainless steel tubes for unique domains filled with clay or rare earth magnets. For special applications, it comes in the shape of circles or square bars.

How does it work:

It uses high-intensity filter magnets that are installed in the desired location beside the way of liquid or slurry. The particles that can be dangerous to the product are captured around the filter in a magnetic trap. After that, the filter may be taken out of the system, the trapped particles can be cleaned off of it, and the filter can be used again. It is considered to be the best and most perfect technique for removing ferrous contaminations from liquid or semi-liquid products such as chocolate, syrup, sauce, and a variety of other similar substances.

Uses of magnetic rod filters: 

Magnetic rod filters and filtration systems are used in lots of distinct industries and applications. Filtration is a vital issue in following products and procedures, as well as many different liquid-based structures. The process of casting off contaminants or impurities from your media is critical to preventing bad outcomes. For any system where ferrous particles are dangerous to your fluids, magnetic rod filtration is an ideal solution. It's low-cost, environmentally friendly, and efficient for industrial uses and processes. You'll notice magnetic rod filters inside the following products and industries:

  • Plastic industry
  • Textile industry
  • Liquid chemicals 
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Battery industry 
  • Lubricants
  • Slurries
  • Coolants
  • Ceramics 
  • Liquid food products
  • Transmission
  • Manual and CNC machinery
  • Recycling industry
  • Food industry
  • Pigment industry 
  • Rubber industry

From where can you buy the best magnetic rod filters?

When it comes to buying magnetic rod filters, Mag Spring is the best place because of the following reasons.  

We believe we can meet your needs regarding magnetic rod filters because our industry is famous for making high-quality magnet products. If you see our products, you will notice that we sell our products at a very reasonable price. Moreover, we ensure we supply the best magnetic rod filters in the market. We also provide you with customized magnetic filters that are simple to set up and are developed in a way that is designed especially to meet the needs you have stated. Our filters are designed with rods to prevent wet and sticky material from blocking the flow so the customer can get the best quality product. In addition, our magnetic rod filters are made of the best rare earth magnets.

Features of our magnetic rod filters:

As far as features are concerned, our magnetic rod filters have more robust features than other magnetic filters:

  • They are fast and efficient
  • They have a long working life  
  • They have a high magnetic strength 
  • The operating temperature is up to 300 Celsius

Benefits of magnetic rod filters:

Using magnetic rod filtration is an eco-friendly, economical, and effective way for various industries to ensure that ferrous particles are removed from crucial fluids. Let's take a look at some of the advantages you can experience using magnetic rod filters.

  • Eco friendly

Magnetic rod filters are not only effective at filtering out ferrous particles, but they do so while being gentle for the environment. The impurity that is accumulated in the magnetic trap can be smoothly reused as a single material. It means that none of the polluted material will end up in landfills. Moreover, the liquid that is being filtered retains its necessary properties providing a sustained fluid life. Once you have a magnetic rod filter installed, there are no other charges to pay over the lifetime of your filter. It saves future expenses and disposal costs as the collected contamination or impurity is entirely recyclable.

  • Minimum power consumption:

 Magnetic rod filters consume minimum power as compared to others. There is no extra power required, and self-cleaning magnetic rod filters only need a small amount of power for cleaning.

  • Doesn’t encumber Efficiency:

Magnetic rod filters don't avert productivity in any manner. In reality, the flow is never disrupted because the fluid doesn't flow by way of any filter media. This indicates the flow rate is not influenced in any way by your filter; instead, it is established according to the requirements of your procedure. Even if the magnetic rod filter becomes full of contaminates, there isn't a danger of back pressure drop or eruption of filters. It's also essential to say that magnetic filters can eliminate particles that might be smaller than one micron in size. Barrier filters leave particles that might be smaller than 5 microns inside the fluid. Even at that tiny size, the particles of the one can negatively affect the performance of the liquid and lead to bacterial buildup.

 Why buying a magnetic rod filter is becoming essential nowadays?

Without a magnetic rod filter, many contaminants and impurities block the system, which requires a system to be power flush in some cases. In this case, you may need to reinstall a new system if there is a massive blockage in the system, or you may need an engineer to carry out a power flush that will remove the sludge, rust, and contaminated particles. In the worst case, the system may get so damaged that the system might need a replacement.


At last, magnetic rod filters are a gem for those who want to produce the best quality products that are cheap, effective, and eco-friendly. In order to guarantee this, Mag spring will provide you with the most delicate magnetic rod filters.

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