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Magnetic Trap - an overview | Mag Spring

What is a magnetic trap?

First things first: let's go over the definition of a magnetic trap. A magnetic trap is a technology that surrounds ferrous liquids inside a magnetic field and allows the liquids to be easily extracted from their location. A magnetic liquid trap is another name for this type of device. The typical components of the device are a permanent magnet, an electromagnet, a series of magnets, and either a ferromagnetic or paramagnetic substance. It comprises a powerful round magnetic grid, as well as a round housing constructed of stainless steel that has both an entrance and an exit. As ferromagnetic liquids move through the housing, the magnet generates a magnetic field that ensnares and holds onto them. 

When it comes to removing metal waste and particulates from your processing line, magnetic traps are an effective and cost-efficient method, and they can be used for either wet or dry processes. Producing food, beverages, dairy products, pharmaceuticals, or cosmetics, amongst other things, can be done risk-free with the help of magnetic filters and separators made of sanitary-grade stainless steel.

Magnetic Trap

What is the working of a magnetic trap?

The magnetic traps perform the function of a filter and collect any metal particles that may be present in your liquid. This ensures that the pump is not harmed in any way by the particles. The process begins when the liquid or slurry enters the Magnetic Trap and is pushed through the magnetic field of a tight grid of Tube Magnets. The magnetic field attracts the ferrous particles onto the surface of the magnet, where they are kept firmly in place by the magnet itself. After that, the Tube Magnets are connected to the top of the container and given a thorough cleaning.

Also, suppose you are still using canned or bottled beverages. In that case, this magnetic trap is ideal for collecting any metal particles from the liquid so that they do not reach the nozzle of your machine and cause additional harm to it. It does this so that you can continue to use canned or bottled beverages.

From what magnetic trap is made? 

The most substantial possible grade of magnet material is used to construct the magnetic trap. This material can be selected from a variety of options, including ceramic, alnico, samarium-cobalt, and neodymium-iron-boron. It is made up of powerful magnets that can collect even the tiniest of foreign particles. It would be best if you gave some thought to purchasing a magnetic liquid trap from Mag Spring since the raw materials and components used in producing our liquid trap magnets are of exceptionally high quality and purchased from reputable sources. In addition, they are made under the watchful eye of professional engineers and quality controllers in accordance with the standards of quality that are recognized internationally. Mag Spring's magnetic liquid traps are intended to manage the vast range of liquids food processors may encounter in their facilities.

Plate styled magnetic trap:  

There are 2 types of magnetic trap plates. 

  1. Single plate magnetic trap: 

Single plate magnet traps are excellent and efficient in extracting ferrous particles from viscous and fibrous liquids and liquids containing large suspended particulates. The process of cleaning begins by removing the plate magnets from the housing and wiping the ferrous tramp to the edge of the plate, where it can be easily brushed away. Next, the plate magnets are replaced in the housing, and the process is repeated.

  1. Dual plate magnetic trap: 

A dual-plate magnet equipped with a diverter produces a smooth flow pattern that prevents delicate objects from being damaged. In addition, the diverter splits the product flow throughout the course of two plate magnets. Therefore, despite the higher flow rate, the twin plate traps can effectively and readily handle it. It is possible to slow the flow rate, resulting in increased magnetic protection. In dual-plate magnetic liquid traps, more impurities are presented to the magnetic field than in single-plate magnetic liquid traps. 

It would help to choose the option that best suits you and your requirements. Mag spring ensures the quality of single-plate and dual-plate magnetic traps.

Applications of Magnetic Traps:

Magnetic Traps are utilized for a variety of purposes due to their versatility and adaptability. The following is a list of its applications.

  • Food processing 
  • Baby food
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Slips
  • Slurries
  • Pet food
  • Recycling
  • Ceramics

What Mag Spring offers you?

You can take advantage of the best magnetic liquid trap that Mag Spring offers at an affordable price and with a high level of quality. Our Magnetic Liquid Trap is the perfect answer for avoiding harm to your manufacturing lines as it collects liquid spills. Your magnetic trap comes in a variety of sizes, allowing you to select the one that most suits the requirements of your particular location. It is simple to choose a Magnetic Liquid Trap because these devices come in a variety of designs. When you buy a tiny-sized magnetic trap, the wastewater storage capacity is lower, and the cleaning cycles are completed more quickly, saving you money. Our magnetic trap has the potential to save a significant amount of time when used by businesses that need to clear up surplus waste before moving their products to the next phase. You can also purchase a custom-made magnetic trap with your company's name, brand, or pattern printed on it.

Features of Our Magnetic Trap: 

Our magnetic trap has the following features.

  • Easy installation
  • Separation and cleaning through the ferrule
  • Standard high-temperature and high-intensity rare earth magnets are used.
  • Flange or uneven head
  • Ideal designed magnetic configuration 


Magnetic traps are essential when working with a large number of liquids. We understand that having high-quality magnetic traps is necessary for your company. As a result, if you want high-quality products at a reasonable price, Mag spring is the perfect option for you.

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