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What are magnetic tube separators?

Introduction to magnetic tube separators: 

Magnetic tube separators are used for removing ferromagnetic contaminants from the material flows that are carried by pipes. They are the separators that are utilized the vast majority of the time in the process of irregular separation of magnetic contaminants in liquid mixtures as well as liquids that are transported through industrial pipeline systems. The separated media can either go through the tube in a free flow without any pressure or in a pipeline that operates under pressure.

The permanent magnetic core of tube magnets is designed to be in the line of flow of the raw material. This ensures that the conduit can flow only dry, granular material, which is small enough to prevent clogging caused by big pieces of the separator. These varieties are not appropriate for use in environments where the material is either moist or oily, or where it has come into contact with large fragments; otherwise, the separator would gradually become clogged. Tube Magnets can be purchased in a configuration that features either a ferrite or neodymium magnetic core.

Why is magnetic filtration important?

By magnetically eliminating small metal particles and pollutants from coolants, lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and other fluids, magnetic filtration keeps machinery clean. This can be done for a variety of different fluids. This prevents the contaminants from building up to a level where they can cause damage to the machinery or harm to the environment. The use of magnetic tube separators is fundamental to the operation of this system. Magnetic tubes are installed inside the machine, and magnetic tube filters are used to remove ferrous particles from the oil and coolant fluids. This helps to safeguard pumps, motors, bearings, and other important components. It has been demonstrated to keep equipment running for longer periods, which will save you money.

Magnetic tube separators

How does a magnetic tube separator work? 

The ferrous contamination is collected by the magnetic field, which attracts it to the magnetic tube or plate and retains it there. The ends of the tube are fully seal-welded, and the mounting holes can be either plain or tapped, depending on the application. Throughout the method, the nonmagnetic, untainted product is maintained. Gravity, air, pumping, or a conveyor belt are used to feed the raw material or finished product into the magnetic rod, grid, grate, or plate. Once there, the particle passes either through or over the magnetic element. The magnetic field collects the ferrous pollution by attracting it to the magnetic tube or plate and holding it there. Throughout the method, the nonmagnetic, untainted product is maintained. Gravity, air, pumping, or a conveyor belt are used to feed the raw material or finished product into the magnetic rod, grid, grate, or plate. Once there, the particle passes either through or over the magnetic element. The magnetic tube's permanent magnetic core is designed to be in the direction of the raw material's flow.

Why are magnetic tube separators important? 

Ferromagnetic particles can be difficult to remove from some items, including chemicals, polymers, feed, seeds, food, and pharmaceuticals. Magnetic tube separators play a vital role in this process since they are utilized to separate these particles. This enables it appropriate for use in liquid cooling systems across the board in the industrial industry, including but not limited to machine engineering, ceramics and porcelain, the chemical industry, and the food industry. By removing ferrous particles from lubricating oils and coolant fluids, magnetic tube filters protect pumps, motors, bearings, and other essential components from damage. To keep equipment working over longer periods, this procedure has been devised.

Magnetic Tube construction: 

  1. It has a high-performance combination of 9,500 gausses and 16.7 pounds of draw strength on a 1/2-inch diameter, and it is constructed with a balanced rare earth circuit that is suited for abrasive applications "ball
  2. The incredible magnetic field of 12,000 gausses can be optimized with the help of the Rare Earth Circuit.
  3. It has been certified for use by the HACCP International Food Safety program Certification.
  4. Rare Earth circuit with a draw strength of 106 ounces on a quarter inch and an average of nearly 11,000 gausses 
  5. Large Tube Rare Earth Circuit for products that have the potential to have flow ability and tendency to bridge; Over 12,000 Gauss.
  6. Exceptional-Temperature Rare Earth Circuit that can withstand temperatures up to 356 degrees Fahrenheit with high levels of durability.
  7. This long-lasting Tube has a Ceramic Circuit inside of it. The top choice for significantly more extensive tramp metal removal projects.

Where you can buy magnetic tubes?

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