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Motor Magnets for Sale

All of us are aware of the fundamental law of the magnets that is opposite attracts and likes repel. For movement or motion in the motor, we use magnet. The alignment of magnets gets damaged over time but the process is low. For example nowadays modern samarium cobalt magnet can lose half of its strength in about 700 years. On the other hand, heating or stray electromagnetic field can damage magnets earlier. In this article we will discuss magnets used in motor magnets, it’s all types with detail. We will discover all tools related to motor magnets available at Mag spring at very reasonable prices with excellent and outstanding qualities.

Magnets used in motor magnets:

Generally, permanent magnets are used in motors which are sintered magnets and bonded magnets. In this article, we will be having deeper look to the main types of magnets that are used in motors.

1) Alnico magnet

2) Ferrite magnets

3) Samarium cobalt magnets

4) NdFeB magnets

1) Alnico magnets:

Nowadays factories of this type of permanent magnets are present in Japan, the United States, Europe, Russia and China. Alnico magnets are the earliest magnets widely used by us. Its process of preparation and technology both are relatively mature in comparison to other types of magnets.

2) Ferrite magnets:

Ferrite magnet is a kind of permanent magnet mainly made of SrO or Bao and Fe2O3 by sintering process. Compared with other permanent magnets, ferrite magnets are hard and brittle with low magnetic energy. However, it is not easy to demagnetize and corrode, the production process is simple and the price is low. Ferrite magnets have history in the 1950s. In 1970s, ferrite magnets become more flourished.

3) Samarium cobalt magnets:

Samarium cobalt magnets have outstanding magnetic and stable properties. They are traced back in mids 1960s. They are only used in research and development of aviation, aerospace, weapons and other military motors and high performance motors in high tech field where the prices are not the big issue as they are very high in prices

4) NdFeB magnets:

Mix of neodymium,iron and boron are called NdFeB magnets. Because of its high energy density, they are mostly and mainly used in modern industry and electronic technology. Because of this, it is possible to reduce the size, thickness and weight of the equipments such as Instrumentation, electro acoustic motors and magnetic separation and magnetization. Because of the presence of neodymium and iron in big amount, they are easy to rust. Surface chemical passivation is best for the corrosion of neodymium magnets.

Magnets that are used in motors:

Magnets that are used in permanent magnet motors are sintered magnets and bonded magnets.

Basic types of magnets for motors:

Basically there are 3 types of magnets used in motors.

1) Permanent magnets

2) Temporary magnets

3) Electromagnets

How much current can one magnet produce?

Magnet can produce or generate voltages

from 69.5 to 223.7 V and frequencies range from 33.5 to 50.9V at rotational speeds of 2000 t0 3000rpm.

Historical context of magnet motors:

Faraday, in 1822, was the first one who worked in magnetic rotation. He created the first electric motor, by transforming electric energy into mechanical energy with the help of mercury bath.

Motor magnets for sale:

Mag spring has wide variety of motor magnets and its quality is also outstanding. If you are thinking to purchase motor magnets your first choice should be Mag spring because of its excellent quality and having several types of motor magnets. Mag spring also offers motor magnets at wholesale price.

Check all our categories, offering at best prices for you. Types, mentioned in this article, are also available at Mag spring place. At Mag spring.com you can get following items.

Different types of shapes like block, ring, arc, disc and rhombic.

Raw materials like ferrite motor magnets, SmCo motor magnets, NdFeB motor magnets are also available having many plus points like for example:

Low weight loss and low temperature co efficient of NdFeB motor magnets. Samarium motor magnets can work on high temperature, having better corrosion resistant. Ferrite materials are cheapest amongst all.

Rare earth segment magnet, arc magnets, motor magnets, generators, such as Elevator Motors (Traction Machines), Wind Turbines, Servo Motors, Motors for

Hybrid Electric Vehicle or Battery Electric Vehicles, Linear motors and Compressor Motors, drive motor for ship, etc are also available at Mag spring.com at very reasonable prices with outstanding quality.

If you are purchasing magnets, you should notice following qualities.

1) Remanence

2) Energy product

3) Intrinsic coercivity

4) Curie temperature.

Qualities of mag spring tools:

1) NdFeB motor magnets

  1. a) High temperature and thermo stability which is based on high coercive power.
  2. b) Low temperature coefficients
  3. c) Superior corrosion resistance
  4. D) Superior anti corrosion technology
  5. e) High uniformity
  6. f) Large size products
  7. g) Custom made available

2) SmCo motor magnets

  1. a) Highest properties in China
  2. b) Best corrosion resistance
  3. c) Best working stability
  4. d) Custom made available

Following are the types of motor magnets available at mag spring:

1) Neodymium segment magnets

2) SmCo arc magnets

3) Step motor magnets

4) Neodymium motor magnets

5) Neodymium arc magnets

6) SmCo ring magnets

7) N38UH magnets

8) High temperature neodymium magnets

9) N42UH magnets

10) High temperature magnets

11) Sm2Co17 magnets

12) Somarium cobalt block magnets

13) Counter sunk motor magnets

14) Servo motor magnets

Shapes of neodymium magnets available at mag spring:

There are different shapes of permanent magnets. Some of them are given below.

1) Neodymium block magnets

2) Neodymium ring magnets

3) Neodymium disc magnets

4) Neodymium cylinder magnets

5) Smco disc magnets

6) Adhesive backs magnets

7) Neodymium segment magnets

8) SmCo arc magnets

9) Small magnets

10) Counter sunk magnets

11) Step motor magnets

12) Neodyme magnete

13) High temperature magnets

14) SmCo ring magnets

15) N42UH magnets


The discussion discussed above tells us the uses of motor Magnet and their various characteristics and types. As the magnet can be simply classified as the material which attract and repels each other whereas the motor is something which has ability to do movement or rotate. For this certain motion magnet is used. The detailed information about Mag Spring is discussed above that how they manufacture it and sell it to their clients.

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