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Everything you need to know about rare earth grate magnets

What are rare earth metals?

Rare earth elements are comprised of 17 different metals and can be found in the center of the periodic table. These metals exhibit peculiar luminous, conductive, and magnetic properties, which contribute to their wide range of applications. Magnets that make use of rare earth metals are seeing a tremendous increase in their number of applications. Neodymium-iron-boron magnets are the strongest magnets that are currently known to exist, making them suitable in applications where weight and space are at a premium. Hard discs, CD-ROM drives, and DVD disc drive all make use of rare-earth magnets in their construction. These magnets are also utilized in a range of conventional automobile subsystems, such as power steering, electric windows, power seats, and audio speakers, amongst other applications.rare earth grate magnets.

What are rare earth grate magnets?

The rare earth grate magnets eliminate iron impurities that have a weak magnetic field or are extremely fine. They have higher gradients and increased holding force compared to ordinary permanent magnets, which allows them to exert more force over a greater distance. This indicates that they are able to extend their reach and attract impurities that are only weakly magnetic or extremely tiny iron, and retain them so firmly that wipe-off caused by product flow is essentially eliminated. Processors in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries that are required to maintain exceptionally high standards of product purity make considerable use of high-strength rare earth grate magnet separators.

rare earth grate magnets

Which rare earth magnets are used in grate magnets?

Neodymium-iron-boron magnets and samarium-cobalt magnets are the two kinds of rare earth magnets that can be found in magnetic separators. The classification of neodymium and samarium as lanthanides in the periodic table of elements is where the term "rare earth" first appeared. Let's discuss these two rare earth magnets one at a time.

Neodymium Magnets: 

Neodymium magnets are the powerful permanent magnets that can be purchased, and it's likely that you make use of them on a daily basis even if you've never heard of them before. They are frequently referred to as NdFeB magnets or Neo magnets, and despite being so powerful, they are also lightweight. Because of this, they are suitable for a broad number of applications because of their combination of these two characteristics. Magnets made from neodymium are currently very powerful magnets. Because of this, it is now able to separate out the less magnetically dense and tinier components.

Samarium-Cobalt magnets:

A powerful type of rare-earth magnet known as a samarium–cobalt (SmCo) magnet is a permanent magnet with a high cobalt content. Are regarded as comparable in terms of strength to neodymium magnets, however, they have greater temperature ratings and stronger coercivity than neodymium magnets. They provide the higher possible separation performance for their size, which enables a reduction in both the weight and size of the magnet. Therefore, they are useful in the process of separation.

Benefits of rare earth grate magnets:

Following are a few benefits of rare earth grate magnets:

Highly Versatile: 

Inside hoppers, housings, chutes, bins, and pits, you may either install grate magnets or simply lay them down on the floor to use them. These magnets offer a high degree of versatility.

Used in plastic manufacturing: 

Those involving the production of plastics as well as applications involving the recycling of plastics both make use of grate magnets. Downstream processing equipment, such as injection molders, can be safeguarded from damage that results in costly repairs and downtime by utilizing magnetic grates to remove ferrous metal contamination. This keeps the equipment from breaking down as often and for longer periods of time.

Simple to install and easy to clean:

The rare earth magnetic grates are easy to install, and once they are installed, they are just as simple to clean. When magnetic grates have been installed, there is a considerable probability that you won't even notice that they are there. A hopper, a bin, or a chute are all suitable locations for installing magnetic grates. It will not impede the process in the same way that other magnetic tools do. Ferrous metals will be left behind while the good stuff continues to flow on in a regular manner.


At a pole spacing of 22 millimeters, rare earth grate magnets have a high strength that varies from 10-11,000 gauss. This strength is measured in gauss. These magnets have become the industry standard in the food industry for the removal of parts with a low magnetic susceptibility in the cube is very dense accumulation, the last point, and the final packing position.

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The greatest magnets are rare earth grate magnets since they are exceptionally powerful and have a wide variety of applications. They are utilized in a wide variety of devices, ranging from mobile phones and laptops to wind generators. They are also utilized in a variety of other industries, including the medical device sector. Do not pass up this opportunity to acquire your own rare earth grate magnets from Mag Spring; do it right away.


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