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Introduction to samarium cobalt magnet suppliers

What are samarium cobalt magnet suppliers

A samarium-cobalt (SmCo) magnet is a rare-earth magnet composed of two fundamental elements: samarium and cobalt. It provides a broader temperature range, improved temperature coefficients, and good corrosion resistance. Because of their corrosion resistance, they are frequently not coated. Samarium cobalt magnets retain outstanding magnetic strength, making them a good choice for difficult situations with high temperatures or corrosive substances.

They were created in the early 1960s due to research by Karl Strnat Wright Patterson Air Forces base and Alden Ray.

samarium cobalt magnet suppliers

Features and Characteristics:

The alternate Rare Earth Industrial magnets are samarium cobalt. Samarium cobalt magnets are frequently found in aerospace, automotive, and military applications. Samarium Cobalt magnet suppliers may be used in extreme cold and heat. It is also highly coercive, making it perfect for high-temperature motor applications. The features and characteristics of the samarium cobalt magnet are following.

  • Size and Shape: In various sizes and grades, standard samarium cobalt magnet forms include discs, blocks, rings, and arc segments. Non-standard forms can also be custom-built from raw stock to blueprint requirements. We can make samarium cobalt magnets in practically any shape and size to fit the exact specifications of your project.
  • Temperature Considerations: 

Samarium cobalt magnets have exceptionally stable magnetic characteristics with temperature and may be utilized in applications with temperatures up to 572°F (300°C). They work effectively in situations where magnetic property stability is crucial.

  • Surface Treatments: 

Because Samarium Cobalt has a high corrosion resistance, coatings to prevent corrosion or oxidation are often unnecessary.

  • Magnetizing and Assembly Considerations: 

Because Samarium cobalt magnet suppliers are anisotropic, they can only be magnetized in the orientation direction. Magnetizing fields in excess of 50 kOe are required to saturate these materials.

  • Handling and Storage:

Samarium cobalt magnets are exceedingly fragile but incredibly magnetic. As a result, extreme caution must be exercised when handling them to evade damage to employees and harm to the magnets.


Samarium cobalt SmCo magnets are available in two alloys. The more frequent and stronger SmCo alloy is 

  • Sm2Co17 
  • SmCo26 


Sm1Co5 is mainly composed of Sm and Co, includes no iron, and has exceptional corrosion resistance. 

Sm2Co17 is mostly Sm and Co, including Cu, Hf, Zr, and occasionally Pr and Fe. Because of its low free iron concentration, Sm2Co17 is technically susceptible to minor surface corrosion when exposed to water. In most applications, Sm2Co17 is thought to have well to excellent corrosion resistance.

An essential NiCuNi coating will almost certainly eliminate any corrosion danger.

Samarium cobalt magnet for high temperatures: 

Samarium cobalt magnet suppliers are powerful permanent magnets with remarkable magnetic characteristics. They have good thermal stability and are resistant to corrosion and demagnetization. SmCo magnets, part of the rare-earth magnet family, are suited for applications requiring high or shallow temperatures, magnetic stability, limited area, and high magnetic strength.  

Magnets made of samarium cobalt have exceptional temperature stability while retaining their magnetic characteristics in severe temperatures. They are particularly suited for specialized applications requiring outstanding performance and magnetic strength in extreme hot or cold temperatures. SmCo magnets are widely employed in automotive, aerospace, medical, military, industrial production, semiconductor, wind, power, oil, and energy. (Top)

Applications of Samarium cobalt magnet: 

It also has excellent temperature coefficients, which makes the magnet output highly steady even with slight temperature fluctuations. It's widely used in mission-critical sensing applications.

Samarium cobalt magnet suppliers are commonly used in the various field, which is as follows in a given below:

  • High-performance motors, Generators, Electric motors
  • Travelling Wave Tubes, Magnetic couplings, Magnetic bearings 
  • Sensors systems, Missile components, Turbo Machine 
  • Magnetic separation devices, Medical pieces of equipment, Industrial automation devices 
  • Actuators, Drilling Device, Wind turbine device 
  • Energy recovery systems, Pipeline inspection, Robotic Arms 
  • Gyroscopes, Accelerometers, Magnetic Drive components 
  • Halbach Arrays & more, Sputtering deposition 

Samarium cobalt manufacturing methods: 

Sintering is the  frequent process for producing SmCo magnets; however, injection molding and compression bonding can also be utilized.

Beneficial Uses: 

Samarium cobalt magnet suppliers are commonly accustomed to technical implementation that needs high temperature, which is the following: 

  • Computers 
  • Electronics 
  • Switches

They are used in electric motors, drilling machines, turbo machinery, sensors, microphones, speakers, vacuum deposition, Pipeline inspection, triggering hall sensors, Accelerometers, Magnetic device components, and many more users.


The advantages of the samarium cobalt magnet are following. 

  • It can be utilized in freezing temperatures (e.g., to a few Kelvin above absolute zero).
  • It can endure temperatures of up to + three hundred (300) degrees Celsius; H-rated versions can tolerate temperatures of up to +350 degrees Celsius (662F).
  • It is High coercivity to withstand demagnetization.
  • Above +150 to +180 degrees Celsius (302-356 degrees Fahrenheit), SmCo magnet grades begin to outperform NdFeB magnet grades.
  • It is said to be corrosion-resistant.
  • The insufficient field strength varies with temperature.

Perfect High temperature: 

Samarium cobalt magnet suppliers are corrosion resistant and maintain most of their power up to 575°F; manufacture them suitable Alnico magnet substitutes when high-temperature usage or downsizing is mandatory. They have virtuous thermal stability, with extreme operating temperatures ranging from 250 to 550°C and Curie temperatures ranging from 700 to 800°C.

Samarium cobalt magnet can be helpful when the structure must operate at cryogenic (or extremely high) temperatures of more than 180°C. A samarium-cobalt magnet's flux density will fluctuate less than 5% every hundred Celsius change in temperature (in the range of 25-250°C) in submissions where the act must be constant with temperature change.


Mag spring provides a wide range of samarium cobalt magnets, a rare earth magnet with several distinct benefits. Samarium cobalt magnet suppliers provide a broader temperature range, improved temperature coefficients, and good corrosion resistance. Because of their corrosion resistance, they are frequently not coated. Samarium cobalt magnets retain outstanding magnetic strength, making them a good choice for difficult situations with high temperatures or corrosive substances. They are good products in our daily life. Purchase and order now.

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