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Extra protection of shallow pot magnets for sale

What is meant by pot magnet?

A pot magnet is a long-lasting magnet enclosed in a steel shell regularly mentioned as a pot, thus the term "pot" magnet. A permanent magnet produces a magnetic field without the essence of vitality.

What is meant by a shallow pot magnet?

A ferrite shallow pot magnet is another name for a countersunk mounting pot magnet (a word frequently used with ferrite substantial as the internal magnet, but additional magnet ingredients are used). A countersunk mounting pot magnet/pot magnet is a ferromagnetic strengthen mug that holds a countersunk ring magnet. They are unique because they have magnets built right into them. You don't have to drill holes or cut anything out; place the pots on top of each other, and you're done. It is a magnetic device that attracts metal objects such as keys, coins, etc. It’s a handy magnet that anyone can use. 

Without threaded bush in the shallow pot:

Magnets for shallow pots that do not have a threaded bush. These magnets are inserted into the receiving holes by pressing or attaching them.

Deep pot magnet:

These magnets have a permanent magnetic core separated from the housing by a non-magnetic shield. This guarantees that the system is protected.

Extra protection of shallow pot magnet:

Shallow Pot Magnet also safeguards the NdFeB magnets, contained within them, which is especially useful in high clamping force pot magnet applications. The steel housings make the pot magnet far more robust, protecting it from impact and load-bearing damage. The cup or casing protects the attraction; ideally, the pot magnet is manufactured so that it is ever so slightly inset relative to the face of the cup's ring so that any mechanical knocks are on the steel rather than the magnet decreasing the danger of breakage.

Clamping forces in shallow pot magnet:

Pot magnet pull forces are measured on thick mild steel test components of excellent quality. If the material clamped to is thin, the  significant draw force you will produce may be less than the rated pull force - as the material gets more delicate, the measured pull force decreases even more. Suppose this occurs and you require additional draw force. In that case, you may either increase the thickness of the material you are clamping onto, use more pot magnets to double the power, or use smaller pot magnets with a shallower magnetic field.

Construction of shallow pot magnet:

When constructing a Shallow Pot Magnet, we aim for maximal draw force compared to magnet size; to do this, we eliminate air gaps from the magnetic circuit of the assembly. To create a highly efficient clamp, the ferromagnetic shell focuses the magnetic field directly to the surface to be clamped. So, if a magnet has its North face exposed, the ferrous ring of mild steel around the perimeter of the magnet acts as the South Pole, giving two poles on the clamping surface and allowing magnetism to propagate through the clamped surface.

Uses of shallow pot magnet:

Made of steel

This magnet is made from steel and houses a shallow pot. It has a beautiful design. You can also use it as an ornament. 

Strong magnetic force

The magnet has a powerful magnetic force. It keeps things together. Use it on your fridge or other metal surfaces. A good interest makes your life easier. It provides outstanding performances and excellent strength.

Kitchen countertop

Pot Magnet is a shallow magnetic pot that helps you keep track of small items such as keys, coins, and other small objects. It also works outstanding as an organizer for your desk or kitchen countertop.

Attractive magnetic pot

Shallow pots are great for growing plants indoors without disturbing them too much. They also help keep the soil moist. Use these shallow pots as garden decorations or add some decorative items inside to create an attractive display.

For decoration 

This magnet's unique design allows it to be used as a decorative piece or a functional gift. It is made from magnetic material and can hold small items like rings, earrings, or other accessories. A magnetized surface makes it easy to hang pictures and mirrors. Use magnets to decorate your desktop or office walls. They are also great for kids’ rooms and playrooms.

Griping attraction

The magnets may be used for a range of applications, including:

 • Gripping and lifting • Positioning jigs

• Soldering irons • Digging into jigs and fittings

• Securing and sealing • Working with thin steel sheets

• Designed for applications where traditional pot magnets' height is restricted.


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