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Thorough Study of Arc Magnet Motors

This review will tell about the significance of using arc magnets in motors. They are basically cylinder shape magnets that play a vital role in assembling of, generators, and other rotors etc. They are also called tile magnets which are often used in different electric motors or generators. Due to their south and north polarities, they are used in torque couplings as well.


Their shape has somehow resemblance to cylinder having slight bend in it which makes them the perfect material for cylinder and piping. They contain neodymium magnets which are stronger than any other magnet one.

 How they work?

Neodymium basically converts electrical energy into mechanical energy which enables them to work in everyday’s application like washing machines, refrigerator and some other power tools.

Arc magnets can also be making used of different assemblies which work as a clutch. Again the mechanical energy is created which fueled the different items.

 Some unique aspects:

Their unique shape permits electrical flow in order to continue the power supply, which is very helpful in motor like items.

 Manufacturing and supplier:

Mag spring; which is subsidiary of SOUWEST MAGENTECH, having their own factory of neodymium magnets. They consists all kind of magnets including which can be ordered by the client anytime.

Main Application:

Some main places in which arc magnets are using is electronic devices, rotors, stators, wind turbines etc. They are also called segment magnets. When these machines get started running they produce high heat and energy so the built-in arc has to tolerate high level of energy.

They can be used in speakers, receivers, stage and car audio.  Such type of usage is called Acoustic field.

They can be used in machinery and equipment like magnetic separation, magnetic crane etc.

Health care organizations can also use it in MRI scanners, mental health, medical services etc.

Four main types: 

1) Curved bottom arc

2)  Chord arc

3) Flat bottom arc

4) Bread loaf

Each of these shapes has different advantages and disadvantages. The performance of the arcs depends on the shape of the arc that how it is built. And one important thing here is to be mentioned that the cost of the magnet is very high then its production cost.


During the design process the whole focus is on the rotors performance of permanent Magnet. In order to assemble the magnet the design team will interact with production team.

There are two options:

1) The arc is assembled using charged magnets but they will possess difficulties here because the charged magnets are already very hard and they can cause safety issues due to their high magnetic strength

2) Bunting is introduced in new production techniques which will provide post assembly magnetizing solution

In post assembly operations the curved and flat bottom arc will not need any further processing but will immediately ready to grinding process. Whereas the chord arc will face some challenges before getting ready for grinding. Similarly the bread loaf arc will also face great challenges while manufacturing them.


It consists of very simple structure, high reliability, and low cost power generation. The product can be made by different magnetic features and can be customized accordingly with customers order

Neodymium arc magnets are usually made from wires which are cut by block magnets. The length of these magnets is 45 degrees??. They are plated with 3 different layers of protective coatings which are Nickel, copper and again nickel.

Wherever the production of arc magnets are caused strict controlled and inspection has been ensured in order to maintain the product quality.


These arc magnets contains high remanence, high coercivity and available in different shapes and sizes. As we all know that magnetic strength is very high of neodymium so other magnets are made smaller and thinner under the same magnetic force. Due to its constant and strong magnetism it enhances the performance of motors means they increase the life of motors.

If we visit mag spring.com, we will notice that they contain all kinds of magnets with them with high quality and durability. They includes some related items to it like SmCo Arc Magnet, high temperature neodymium magnet

Revolutionary technology:

The new updates in the technology are in forefront and play an essential part in future of transport and other various industries. The neodymium magnets or we can say that arc magnets works as a stator in moving electrical motors.

 Role in automotive industry: 

It plays a vital role in different kind of cars and it is expected that the usage of arc magnets will become doubled in figure in future car designs. They can be used in different ways like in door closing system, for wide-screen wipers and in windows. It provides a rejection power in order to create linear motion

Influence of arc magnets Performance on Motors: 

1) Due to high residual magnetic Br the motor has high speed having large output and higher efficiency that's why motor will have good torque output.

2) Because of high HCB, the main force which is must required by motor is utilized and the working point is closed enough to energy product.

3) Arc magnets in motors make sure that they have high HCJ, which states that motor has high resistance to overloading, anti aging and low temperature.

4) It caused larger magnetic strength which eventually improves the working of motor

5) The dynamic loss will be smaller if the rectangularity of magnet is better.


The entire review tells us about the importance of arc magnets in motors. It is clear from above that they can be easily available at the website of Mag Spring. Com, having different types available with them. As the new updates in technology arc magnets perform well in harsh environment such as extremely high and low temperature



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