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What Are Adhesive Magnets?

Adhesive magnet is made of magnet and high quality self-adhesive. Magnet can be Neodymium magnet or rubber magnet.  Common self-adhesive, TESA self-adhesive and 3M adhesive are available. The most popular adhesive is 3M adhesive, which also named 3M adhesive backed magnets or 3M magnets. 3M adhesive neodymium magnets refer to one pole (N or S pole) of neodymium magnet that covered by 3M adhesive and magnets with disc shape and fine rectangle shape are available.

3M adhesive magnet is an ideal solution to attach between non-ferrous surface and ferrous objects, and even attach two non-ferrous surface by couple 3M adhesive magnets that used more and more in our daily life.

3M Adhesive Magnets type

Followings are detailed types of 3M self-adhesive magnets:

1. 3M adhesive neodymium magnets

Refers to one pole (N or S pole) of neodymium magnets will be covered by 3M self-adhesive. There are 3M magnets with disc shape (Pic.1) and fine rectangle shape(Pic.2).

Standard items:

Shape Grade Magnets Dimension Packing
Disc N35 D10mmx1mm Twin/single
Disc N35 D15mmx1.5mm Twin/single
Disc N35 D20mmx2mm Twin/single
Disc N35 D30mmx2mm Twin/single
Rectangle N35 30mmX10mmX1mm Twin/single


Features of 3M neodymium magnets:

1.1 Super strong magnetic force;

1.2 3M back adhesive with high quality and best adhesion;

1.3 Maximum operating temperature 80°C;

1.4 Ni-Cu-Ni triple coating is available for rare earth magnets that is rust –proof;

1.5 Pole Orientation: magnets are axially magnetized through poles that on the two flat surfaces


2. 3M adhesive backed rubber magnet

3M adhesive backed rubber magnets can be divided into isotropic ferrite rubber magnets, anisotropic ferrite rubber magnets or neodymium rubber magnets(Pic.3). One side of 3M rubber magnet is almost without magnetic force or with weak magnetic force, which covered by 3M self-adhesive. The other side has a strong magnetic force with multipoles magnetized that many N/S/N/S/N/S poles on it.


According to the shape, 3M backed rubber magnets can be divided into 3M adhesive magnetic tape roll(Pic.4), 3M adhesive magnetic strip(Pic.5). 3M adhesive disc(Pic.6) and 3M adhesive magnetic sheet(Pic.7)


Shape and dimension list for standard 3M adhesive rubber magnets


Isotropic or anisotropic

Magnets Dimension



width 10mm x thickness 1.5mm x length 15m



width 10mm x thickness 1.5mm x length 20m



Width 20mm x thickness 1.5mm x length 15m



Width 20mm x thickness 1.5mm x length 20m



Width 20mm x thickness 1.5mm x length 100m



Width 20mm x thickness 1.5mm x length 200m






A4 paper size with thickness 1.5mm


2.3 Features of 3M rubber magnets:

  2.3.1 Price is low.

  2.3.2 They can be cut into any shape as what customer required by scissors.

3M adhesive backed rubber magnets vs 3M adhesive neodymium magnets:

  • Magnetic force: The energy of rubber magnets is only 60~1.50 MGOe while of neodymium magnets is from 30 to 55MGOe ,which is super stronger than rubber magnets.
  • The cost of rubber magnet is much lower because it is made from Fe2O3、SrO6, CPE and EBSP,DOP which price is no more than cny50/kg while neodymium magnets is more than cny300/kg.
  • Rubber magnets are soft and flexible that finished ones can be easily cut into any shapes and sizes required by customers. Finished neodymium magnets are hardly made into any other sizes and shapes as they are hard and brittle, easy to break or crack of which coating will be destroyed.


What are differences between Isotropic rubber magnets and anisotropic rubber magnets?

The biggest difference is that are stronger than isotropic magnets while the cost of isotropic magnets is a little higher than anisotropic magnets. Magnetic anisotropy refers to the phenomenon that the magnetism of a material changes with the direction. In the production process, the material in the magnetic domain is arranged at the micro level according to the direction of the magnetic field under the action of the external magnetic field, which promotes the magnet product to obtain the maximum magnetic performance in the magnetization direction.

What are twin magnets or single adhesive magnets during the packing?

Single adhesive magnets refer to one side of magnets without adhesive is always S pole or N pole. Twin adhesive magnets refer to side of one-half magnets without adhesive is N pole and the side of another half magnets without adhesive is S pole, which like segment magnets in couple magnetized.

How to order Custom-made 3M adhesive magnets?

  1. Firstly, make a decision for the type of 3M adhesive If rubber magnets, your decision of magnets with isotropic or anisotropic is necessary. If neodymium magnets, the information of which grade you prefer is necessary. There are about 12 kinds of magnets with N grade are available, for more details please check the properties list of neodymium magnet.
  2. No need to take working temperature for consideration as adhesive magnets with room working temperature are available only
  3. Detailed dimensions or the drawing of magnet.
  4. Quantity foreach shipment.
  5. Packing way. Both packing for air shipment and sea shipment are available.
  6. Destination is needed if you want CIF or DDU price .


What are advantages of 3M adhesive magnets?

  • Premium 3M adhesives are made for a quick, firm and long-lasting sticking, which is an ideal solution for clean, smooth and uniform surfaces.
  • Solve the problem of attaching between non-ferrous surface and ferrous objects.
  • There is no need to use nails, screws and holes that avoid to damage walls and tiles.
  • DIY magnets are available.
  • Two non-ferrous surface can be attached together by using couples 3M adhesive magnets.


How to use adhesive magnets?

There are many ways to use these adhesive magnets.

  1. Single adhesive magnet + iron part: clean the non-ferrous surface such as surface of ceramic tile, polished brick, wood board, aluminum alloy board, white board. Remove the protective paper of 3M adhesive magnet, and then press the magnet on the no-ferrous surface. Finally, iron parts can be attached onto the magnet. Papers, notes can be hold by magnetic force between the magnet and iron part.  Of course, the iron part can be iron key, knife, screwdriver, screw and nail.

Twin adhesive magnets:  clean the non-ferrous surface, and then attach N pole magnet on the non-ferrous surface and S pole magnets on the other no-ferrous surface. Finally, attach each other by the non-adhesive pole with opposite S N poles.   

What are 3M adhesive magnets applications?

Based on the wide variety of 3M adhesive magnets and different usage mode by clever customers, they can work well for magnetic putty, magnetic slim, black iron oxide powder, iron filing or sand and have holding purposes like shower curtain weights, RV shadings. They are also well done for refrigerator magnets, crafts magnets, green house or garage organizing, office ,warehouse paper or document holders, school locker holders, magnetic therapy, door magnets, magnetic levitation, phone car mount magnets, science school projects, oil filter magnets and DIY magnets etc.

Notes for 3M neodymium magnets:

Neodymium magnets are fragile that are easy to chip or break. Please keep two magnets 1m away from each other as the power of neodymium magnets is very big and the impact is huge when they attach to each other freely. Keep away from pacemakers, magcards, watches, computers and phones. Keep them out from reach of children.


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