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What Are Grate Magnets or Grill Magnets?

Grate magnets or Magnetic grates are made with some pcs 25mm diameter magnetic tubes(magnetic filter bar,magnetic filter rod) and fixed in about 50mm of centers in a stainless steel frame for better built by welding or screwing. Their shapes like a grill, so they are also named grill magnets, magnetic grid. They can be made into square (or Rectangular) shape and round shape. Because they can be used for the separation of iron particles mixed with dry, granular or free-flowing material, they also called magnetic grate separators. when they used in hopper magnets, people call them hopper magnetshopper dryer magnets. When magnetic rod of grate magnets are   added outer stainless tube sleeve with diameter about 27-28mm, we call such magnets are easy cleaning grate magnets.

How works do these grate magnets or grill magnets?

For many years ago, MAG SPRING® permanent Grate magnet have used ceramic magnets or Neodymium magnets materials as their energy source. SmCo magnets will also be used for high temperature situation. These grill magnets are placed directly in the product stream allowing free flowing products to come in direct contact with the grate.

They are typically constructed with some pcs of one 25mm diameter magnetic tube mounted on 50mm centers in a frame. The length and width can be fabricated to any dimension, usually in 50mm increments. These grill magnets offer excellent protection from metal contamination. As product flows over the magnetic tube, captured metal contaminants are pushed to the underside of the tube where they are now out of contact with the product flow preventing wash off back in to the clean material. Cleaning is achieved by removing the Grate magnet and wiping the magnetic tube clean. It is important to keep in mind that by placing a grill magnet in the product flow, you will be reducing fifty percent of your flow through area. Grate magnet should be sized so they do not impede the flow of product.

MAG SPRING® Grate magnet/ Hopper Magnets provide a properly configured, high-density magnetic field to trap and hold ferrous fines, fragments, and small metal objects as product flows through them.

Our Grate magnet are the building block for magnetic separation equipment. MAG SPRING’s magnetic cartridges and Grate magnet are designed to deliver high power in a small package, with no sacrifice to durability or product longevity. Grate magnet can be installed or simply laid inside hoppers, pits, chutes, housings, and bins, where they can be easily accessed for cleaning. They are offered in food, sanitary finishes. Grate magnet come standard with neodymium rare earth magnets, although ceramic and SMCO High Intensity magnets are also available. Grates are economic solutions for your critical control points to help catch any ferrous metal from your materials.


The length and width of these grate magnets can be fabricated to any dimensions as per requirement. It is extremely important to determine the correct cartridge with the right magnetic strength for your unique application—stronger is not always better. While every application is different, MAG SPRING offers such an extensive selection of Grate magnet that we are certain we will be able to provide you with the optimal magnetic separation solution for your production environment. Our engineers are magnet experts who can assist you at every single step of the design process. We design custom solutions for your industry. For example, for customers in a food environment, most of our Grate magnet meet the food standard 10,000 gauss and food weld clean up.

Mag Spring Supply Grate magnets with 2800Gs ,6000Gs , 8000Gs,10000Gs,11000Gs,12000Gs,13000Gs and 14000Gs with MAX working temperature up to 500Celsius degree. Those grate magnets is made from High temperature Magnets.

What is Grate magnets with Food Grade

Food Grade Magnetic Grate with Full Welding and Well Polishing, stainless tube material is from SUS316L which are sanitary and USDA compliance. Full Welding and Well Polishing can remove dead ends and avoid material residues, especially food material residues, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria, and ultimately avoid spoiled food mixed into the product, resulting in unqualified products. These magnets are called Food Grade Magnets or Sanitary Magnets by people. Food Grade Grate Magnet is a specially made product that is used in the removal process of small-sized to medium ferrous tramp metal impurities from those dry and free-flowing food products presented in vertical chutes, housings, and catch bins. It is the best and economical solution for the magnetic protection of equipment like extruding, milling, and mixing. It enhances the purity of the product as well. It comes in two variants like ceramic as well as rare earth Grate magnet.

How to cleaning the grate magnets or grill magnets after working some time?

The cleaning is done after removing the Grill magnets and cleaning the magnetic tube. With Grate magnet, the stored metal impurities are pushed to the Underside of the tube and prevent the clean material to get affected. The grate magnet can be arranged inside the hoppers or pits Without much difficulty. The Grate magnet is designed to sit inside an existing hopper with the angles on the four corners supporting the grate as well as to allow the product to slide towards the magnetic tube, eliminating the chance that product gets past the magnet. To make cleaning work more easily, Mag Spring develop easy cleaning grate magnets. There will be a sleeve outer side of magnetic tube.

How often should grill magnets be cleaned?

How often should peoples clean grill magnets is another question that is dependent upon your application process. Clearly the more metal you receive or produce in your process, the more frequently you should be cleaning your grill magnets. A general rule is the more frequently, the better is the results. As a magnet gathers enough ferrous metal, the magnetic field is dispersed over a larger surface area. This happens because ferrous metal is paramagnetic, meaning it takes on the properties of the magnetic field. When this happens, the magnetic field strength is reduced. It is better to begin cleaning grill magnets more frequently after the grill magnets are placed and reducing the frequency as possible without jeopardizing the results of the equipment. Each manufacturing production line will be different as well as locations within the same facility may very well need to be cleaned at different intervals. 

Establishing the cleaning plan for grate magnets:

  1. After installing, inspect magnet tube after the first hour of working;
  2. If there is not much metals on surface of magnetic rod, then inspect magnet in 2 hours;
  3. If there is still not much tramp metal on the magnetic tube, it is recommended to inspect magnets maximum time between cleaning is 8 hours;
  4. If huge metals are found on magnetic tube surface, decrease the interval time to inspect and cleaning the magnetic tube in time to ensure the magnet in good working condition.

To make cleaning easy and increasing working efficiency, Mag Spring had developed many kinds high level magnets, such as drawer magnets, self-cleaning drawer magnets, rotary grate magnets, magnetic liquid traps, program control pneumatic grate magnets.


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