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What is the Magnetic Hook?

The magnetic hook is also known as permanent hook magnet, strong magnetic hook that mainly consists of a magnet, a steel case and a hook. The gap between magnet and casing is filled with plastic spacer or epoxy depending on the process, Internal or external thread hole is available on the casing for the purpose of hook fixation. The magnet is insert into the casing and fixed firmly in the center of the casing by glue. After curing for several hours, use a tension meter to test whether its magnetic strength meets the customer's requirements. Normally the magnetic lines of force distribute freely in the air. When the magnet is housed by a steel casing, the magnetic lines of force will focus on the working surface which guided by the magnetic circuit. The magnetic strength of magnetic hook is much more than normal magnets as the magnetic lines of forces are much more concentrated than usual once it is attached to the iron plate and in contact with the working surface. That is, the combination of the permanent magnet and the steel casing can optimize the magnetic circuit and enhance the one-sided magnetic force, at the same time, the steel iron cup can avoid the magnet being knocked and broken during the application.

How many parts is the magnetic hook made from?

The permanent magnetic hook is mainly from 4 parts as Pic no.1:

Pic No.1

Pic No.1 Magnetic Hook made from 4 parts

  1. Permanent magnetic materials: There are various types of magnets including NdFeB magnets, Samarium Cobalt magnets ferrite magnets AlNiCo magnets and other magnetic materials, which can meet customers with different application situation and different cost requirements. For example, ferrite permanent magnets are low cost while samarium cobalt magnets and alnico magnets can work at 400-500 degrees Celsius. NdFeB magnets can make strongest magnetic hook with max magnetic force 270Kg in room temperature, the magnetic force of magnetic hook with eyebolt can up to 3000kg/6600LB!
  2. Steel casing: Normally the surface of steel casing is treated by Zn or Ni coating and the production process includes lathing and stamping. The stamping process features a lower cost but a tooling is necessary, which is suitable for bulk quantities orders while the lathing process has higher accuracy dimension, which is suitable for products with more size requirements, especially magnetic hooks with larger diameters. Internal or external thread hole is available
  3. Hook: Normally it is made of steel and its size varies according to different specifications.
  4. The filling in the gap between magnet and casing: Normally the gap is filled with plastic ring, sometimes brass is also ok . Some large magnetic hook are directly filled with epoxy resin to fix the magnet in the center of the steel casing to ensure the maximum magnetic force of the magnet is available.

Feature of Magnetic Hook

  1. Strong magnetic force and small size;
  2. The strong magnetic force is only concentrated on working side while the other three sides are almost without magnetism. The magnetic force is equivalent to several times that of the same size of magnets
  3. The inside magnet is not easy to be broken due to the protection of the steel casing, which ensure the magnetic strength is permanent and the service life is much longer.
  4. It can be held or moves freely on metal surfaces;
  5. Its structure is simple and custom-made service is available. It is easy to use and install, which attach it directly on the metal surface or magnetic places for applications without any holes and damage left on the wall

Magnetic Hooks Application 

Magnetic hooks are widely used in fields of industrial, medical and living. For example, daily applications like hanging bird cages, bags, clothes, key chains, lamps, door suctions and fixing portable paper, notebooks, models arms as well as used as display stands in warehouses and stores.

The classification of Permanent magnetic hook

According to different classification methods, there are many types of magnetic hooks.

  1. According to the permanent magnet materials used: Those using rare earth permanent magnets are called rare earth permanent magnet hooks, Using ferrite permanent magnet is called ferrite permanent magnet hook, Alnico magnetic steel is called alnico permanent magnet hook. The rare earth permanent magnet hook also can be divided into Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet hook and SmCo permanent magnet hook.
  1. According to the casing material, they can be divided into stainless steel magnetic hooks, plastic magnetic hooks, rubber magnetic hooks, etc. The advantage of rubber magnetic hooks is that it can effectively prevent scratches on the working surface while the disadvantage is that the magnetic strength will be lower than other types of magnetic hooks. According to the casing material, they can be divided into round magnet hooks, rectangular magnetic hooks, strip magnetic hooks, big-size magnetic hooks and small-sized magnetic hooks. They can also be called black magnetic hooks, white magnetic hooks according to their painting color and heavy-duty magnetic hooks, industrial magnetic hooks, etc., according to the magnetic strength
  2. According to different application, magnetic hooks are called refrigerator magnetic hooks, magnetic hooks for fridge, magnetic hooks for fridge, magnetic hooks home depot, magnetic key hook, magnetic ceiling hooks, magnetic utility hook, magnetic kitchen hooks, magnetic wall hooks, decorative magnetic hooks, magnetic hooks for cruise cabins, magnetic tool hooks, magnetic hooks for curtain rods, magnetic hooks Officeworks
    magnetic clothes hooks

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