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Where can you get wholesale drawer magnets?

Introduction to Drawer magnets:

Drawer magnets are used in the food processing sector to remove metal impurities from food items. In your business, separating ferrous materials from non-ferrous materials can be accomplished in a method that is both effective and efficient with the use of drawer magnet separators. It's possible that the way the magnet in the drawer is constructed will have a considerable bearing on how well it performs its separating function. Magnetic separators such as this will ensure that the goods are clean and free of any contaminants, as well as protect the processing equipment from being damaged by tramp metal.

In addition, a Drawer Magnet can be utilized to eliminate ferrous tramp metal impurities that are present in dry particles, liquids, and slurries. This can be done with dry particles, liquid, or slurry forms of the material. These powerful magnets may remove ferrous impurities such as nails, wire, and other metal debris from your processing equipment before the contaminants have a chance to enter the machine. Drawer magnets can be found in a broad variety of sizes and styles, allowing them to be customized to meet the requirements of each individual user.

Magnetic separation: 

Drawer magnetic separators deliver potent magnetic separation that is well-suited for mechanical and gravity flow applications across many sectors of the economy. When it comes to the removal of medium and fine ferrous containments from dry, free-flowing products, magnetic separators play a significant role. Magnetic separators are designed to be installed at strategic points so that metal contamination can be removed from product streams, so ensuring that product quality is maintained and preventing damage to machinery. 

How does a Drawer Magnet work? 

Drawer-type magnetic separators are outfitted with high-power magnetic cartridges. These cartridges are arranged in arrangements of two or more cartridge trays, and the trays are staggered to improve contact with the product stream. The material is moved in a zigzag pattern from one cartridge tray to the next in order to ensure that as much ferrous contamination as possible is eliminated. Flanges have been fitted at each of the drawer's outputs to prevent water from leaking out.

In addition, magnetic rods normally consist of either high-intensity rare earth magnets or hard ferrite ceramic magnets, and they are typically contained in sturdy steel housing in accordance with the standard of the industry. If necessary, we may provide a model that includes housing and grids made of stainless steel if that is what is desired. The non-metallic separator assembly is triggered by the magnets, which push the magnetic tubes through the assembly. This causes the magnetic tubes to be cleaned, while the metal impurities are deposited into a collection tray that is located outside of the product stream. This process is repeated multiple times until all of the metal contaminants have been removed from the environment.

Types of Drawer magnets: 

Heavy duty:

Heavy-duty drawers can be advantageous for achieving optimal magnetic separation in demanding processing conditions such as bridging, abrasion, corrosion, or galling. These characteristics can affect normal operation. Temperature and humidity levels in the surrounding environment are examples of these elements. A particular chemical has been coated on the tubes of the drawer, and this coating prevents any sticking problems from occurring. The process of cleaning will be substantially easier to accomplish as a consequence of this change.


Self-cleaning drawer magnets are really useful. When working in challenging conditions, a magnetic drawer that can tidy itself up on its own is the ideal solution. An additional function of this operation is the elimination of fine tramp metal or the establishment of an automated processing plant. The operator can easily clean the assembly while stationed in a separate place by using the toggle switch in order to control the cleaning process.

Large tube:

Large tube drawer magnets are believed to be used in heavy cleaning processes. Because tare earth magnetic tubes are incorporated into larger drawer magnets, they are able to achieve optimal ferrous metal separation on hard products such as flour, powdered sugar, and other products that have a tendency to bridge. As a result, these magnets are suitable for use with these products. By placing larger tubes below diverters that are inclined at a steeper angle, it is feasible to prevent the product from bridging or gradually building up on the tubes. This occurs when the product gradually accumulates on the tubes.

Manual cleaning:

Manual clean drawer magnets are the best solution for dealing with minor tramp metal contamination. Random sampling is used to determine the order in which the magnetic tubes are placed in the centers of the tubes. If you use a shop cloth or a gloved hand, you should be able to separate the materials that have been entangled.

Wholesale Drawer Magnets:

Magnetic separators from Mag Spring Drawer are made up of rows of robust round tubes that offer just the proper level of force to separate your materials while keeping them magnetically connected. Our drawers all have the same dimensions and are finished with epoxy resin. You will be able to find the optimal solution for your magnetic separation procedure by taking advantage of our extensive range of sizes and bespoke configuration options. We carry a wide selection of drawer magnets, all of which can be purchased at wholesale rates and come in a number of sizes. Our wholesale drawer magnets are of good quality.


The removal of magnetic materials from waste streams is an essential step in the process of managing industrial waste, and it is one of the tasks that must be completed. Drawer Magnets are utilized for the purpose of separating magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials from one another. Mag Spring is the leading provider of wholesale drawer magnets and is the best option. 

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