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Why is there a Need for Wholesale Magnetic Liquid Traps?

A Magnetic Liquid Trap:

Magnetic Liquid Traps are intended for use in heavy-duty, large-volume liquid and semi-liquid line flow systems. They offer magnetic protection for the equipment that processes liquids and the lines that carry them. By removing any potentially harmful impurities, they maintain the product's high quality. These separators are perfect for use in the cleansing of liquids.Wholesale magnetic liquid trap

It has a container made of stainless steel type 304 that holds magnetic bars that are packed with powerful rare earth, neodymium, iron, and boron magnets. There is no impact on the magnetic performance of the Liquid Traps regardless of whether they are mounted horizontally, vertically, or at an angle. The versatility of the product is demonstrated by the fact that these traps can be used for both wet and dry operations.

What are the uses of magnetic liquid traps?

Magnetic liquid traps can be used to remove particles from a variety of products, including sauces, plastics, ceramics, seeds, food, and pharmaceuticals, among others. This renders it appropriate for use in liquid cooling systems across the board in the industrial industry, including but not limited to machine engineering, ceramics and porcelain, the chemical industry, and the food industry. Wholesale magnetic liquid traps remove ferrous particles from lubricating oils and slurries. It has been proven to keep equipment working for longer periods, which can ultimately save you money.

Working of magnetic traps: 

They offer protection against contaminants from tramp iron and other ferrous fine particles. It is made up of powerful magnets that can collect even the fin of small objects. The magnetic arrangement ensures that the high-intensity tubes are exposed to the highest amount of pollution possible without causing any impediment to the flow of liquid. Magnets are an essential component in this process. They draw the particles in its direction, and then, since it has a powerful magnetic field, the particles attach themselves to it and are separated from one another.

Why is there a need for a magnetic liquid trap?

In the absence of a magnetic liquid trap, many contaminants can clog the system, leading to the necessity of performing a power flush on the system in certain circumstances. This makes magnetic liquid traps an absolute necessity. If there is a significant blockage in the system, you may need to replace a new system. Alternatively, you may require an expert to carry out a power flush, which will remove the sludge, rust, and polluted particles. In the absolute worst-case scenario, the system could sustain such severe damage that it would have to be replaced. When working with liquids, then, you need to have wholesale magnetic liquid traps. It will assist in making your product more efficient, and it will provide you with cost-effectiveness as well.

Types of magnetic liquid traps: 

There are different types of magnetic liquid traps that are used in many applications. Below, we will discuss a few of them. 

  1. Cartridge-Style Magnetic Liquid Traps:

Cartridge-style liquid traps capture non-fibrous fluids. The cartridge attracts and holds a ferrous tramp. To clean the trap, remove the cartridge-lid assembly and wipe off the metal particles.  

  1. Plate style magnetic liquid traps:

Plate-style magnetic liquid traps have further 2 more types, which are: 

  • Single plate magnet liquid traps:They work well and quickly to remove ferrous particles from thick liquids, fibrous, or have large solids suspended in them. The contaminants are pushed toward the magnetic plates, which hold them. The magnetic field is strong enough to catch the tramp materials and keep them from getting wiped away by the flow of liquid.
  • Dual plate magnet liquid traps:They have a diverter that makes for a uniform flow, which is safer for fragile items. Product flow is split between two plate magnets by the diverter. Accordingly, the dual plate traps can readily manage the larger flow rate. To increase the magnetic shielding effect, the flow rate can be reduced. In addition, the dual plate magnetic liquid traps expose more pollutants to the magnetic field.
  1. T-Trap magnetic liquid trap: 

T-Traps remove ferrous and work-hardened stainless from processing lines. Fine ferrous particles generated by upstream processing equipment wear often escape electronic metal detectors unnoticed. T-Traps protect pumps, screens, and mills against metal damage and downtime.

Why are wholesale magnetic liquid traps better? 

  • Investing in your products at a wholesale level not only helps you save time but also helps you save money. Products that are purchased in greater quantities typically have lower costs.
  • After the wholesaler and the purchaser have been doing business together for some time and have developed a connection with one another the parameters of an arrangement can be renegotiated. It's possible that a wholesaler would be ready to give pricing that is even lower in exchange for the firm continuing to place significant orders of a certain product.
  • Mag Spring is one of the reputable companies in the magnet industry, and it offers wholesale pricing on all of its products. When you buy wholesale magnetic liquid trapsfrom mag spring, you can have peace of mind knowing that the products you receive are of the high possible quality.

Wholesale magnetic liquid traps: 

Mag spring provides you with the very good wholesale magnetic liquid traps. They possess a considerable number of magnetic liquid traps. They not only provide a substantial quantity, but also quality. Mag Spring offers magnet products of a high standard. They use materials of very high quality in the manufacturing process of these goods. You will save money when you purchase magnetic liquid traps in large quantities from Mag Spring because of the company's competitive pricing. Because your magnetic trap comes in several sizes, you are free to choose the one that meets the requirements of your particular situation. Mag Spring also offers the possibility of customization for its customers. As a result, selecting this option is your very good choice.


You are now aware of the many benefits that magnetic liquid traps provide for you. It is to the advantage of your particular company. You will find that purchasing wholesale magnetic liquid traps from Mag Spring will be of great help to you. Because there isn't a single person alive who wouldn't want a product of high quality that was also reasonably priced. Make sure to get in touch with us so that you can purchase your magnetic liquid traps.

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