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Permanent Magnet – Mag Spring

Magnets that are able to retain their magnetic position or properties in the absence of any induced or outer filed attached to them. Mainly permanent magnet is made by giving heat to the ferromagnetic material to a certain level. Effect of temperature and heating the metal is aligning and fixing the position of permanent magnet.  And it also possesses the property of attracting or repelling other magnets.


Lodestone was the first strong magnet discovered; lightning strikes were reason of its discovery.  The magnetic field produced was low but its resistance to demagnetization was very high.


They were first discovered in the 1960s, but now it's getting improved day by day. They are used in several commercial and industrial applications like computers, VCRS, Speakers etc. Their usage can also be held in automobiles like power windows, and antilock brakes. It can also be used in household electronic devices like dishwashers, washing machines and air conditioners. Several other usages contain time-space machines, robots and space.

Best Types of Permanent Magnet:

Neodymium Magnets are considered as best type of permanent magnet.


Following are the examples it

1) Alnico (an alloy of aluminum, nickel and cobalt)

2) Ferrites (ceramic-like material made from a mix of iron oxides with nickel strontium and cobalt).

Everyday items usage:

  • Fridge magnets
  • Magnetic cabinet latches
  • Audio speakers
  • Electric motors
  • Electronic devices
  • The internet


There are three very well-known properties of magnets.

1) All of them attract precise or certain metals towards themselves

2) They are having north poles and south poles.

3) Opposite poles are attracted to each other while same poles will repel each other.

Reasons to buy them:

There are several reasons to buy permanent magnet. They are very affordable in price to but it has low cost. They can be easily controlled and managed; the main point here is to be mentioned is that companies can do their maintenance in low price which will save company’s time and money.


There are several items through which they are made. Some of them are listed below;


Mag Spring contains various kinds of magnets having different characteristics and types in them. If someone is interested to buy it whether for personal usage or for commercial usage they can contact with them. They can customize their order according to the customer's needs.

Variety of Permanent Magnets with Mag Spring:

1) Neodymium block magnets

2) Neodymium ring magnets

3) Neodymium disc magnets

4) Neodymium cylinder magnets

5) SmCo disc magnets

6) Adhesive backed magnets

7) Neodymium segment magnets

8) SmCo arc magnets

9) Small magnets

10) Countersunk magnets

11)Neodymium Motor Magnets

12)N48 Neodymium Magnets

13) Neodymium rectangle magnets

14) SmCo ring magnets

15) High temp neodymium magnet

16) N35 Neodymium Disc Magnet for Electronics

17) 4 poles NdFeB ring magnets

18) NdFeb radial ring magnets

19) Radial ferrite magnets

20) Samarium cobalt block magnets

21) N54 magnets

22) Cone magnets

23) Rare earth magnets

24) Counter sunk segment magnet

25) Magnetic balls

26) Servo motor magnet

27) Rare earth neodymium magnet ring

28) N35H magnets

29) N52 neodymium magnets

30) Big neodymium Block magnets

Reasons of losing their Magnetism:

The most common are three reasons due to which sometimes the magnets lose their magnetism.

  1. When the extra ordinary heat is provided to the magnet means when it crosses its curie point then the structure of the magnets get demolished
  2. Sometimes due to the strength of the opposite magnet, it might lose their magnetic field.
  3. When some external environmental change happened then this may become the cause. But as the technology is improving with time so it happens very in rare case.

Are permanent Magnet actually permanent?

Yes, they are permanent and some of their types are as long as the lives of the human beings. They don't use any external energy to make them magnet. They decay but it takes a lot of years so we can say that yes they are permanent.


1) Ceramic: 

They are the most commonly used material. They are considered the best type because their magnetism is very strong which can't be demagnetizing with time and similarly cannot get rust.

2) Alnico: 

Those companies who need strong magnetism are the best option for it. They can be remaining stable while maintaining their strength of it.

3) Samarium Cobalt:

They are the strongest magnet available and is also called rare earth grade. They are freely usable at other temperatures.

Measurement Assessment:

In order to check properties first, its measurements will be checked.  Through mega gauss Oersteds, the energy stored within a magnet is checked. It basically checked the performance of magnets.

The other characteristic is the maximum heat the magnet can take without being demagnetized. It is the point where the magnet will completely lose its field. To check its strong bond maximum heat is given to it if it loses its point domain it means that the magnet is not permanent.

Common uses:

The common uses of the magnet are the pulling force to attract other magnets items but it also plays an important role in different electronic tools such as hard drives, motors, cars, television, phone, Speakers,  headphones and sensors, etc.

Cost and Temperature:

The cost of such materials is very low because they are made up of such raw materials which have many affordable prices.

The temperature of the magnets should not be exceeded the limit point which is called Curie point. If it gets exceeded then the magnet will lose its main strength.


It can be concluded through the article that the permanent magnet are actually permanent and has life time permanency just like the age of one human life. They are easily available at Mag Spring offering different types. Their maintenance can easily be done by industries with low costs.

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